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Advisories MDVA-2010:227: libalsa2

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This is a bugfix and maintenance update bundle that addresses various

issues in a number of packages.


* Some thread-related problems were found in the libalsa2 library

that could cause segmentation faults in some audio applications (one

example being phonon when used with gstreamer output and accessing

pulseaudio via ALSA plugin). The updated libalsa2 package contains

an upstream fix to correct this problem.


On a related note the PulseAudio package has also been updated to

include several important upstream bugfixes including:


* Much improved handling of capture stream latencies and timing


* Client side XCB implementation to replace Xlib (and thus solve some

thread-related issues).


* Support for the a52 alsa plugin when combined with an appropriate

~/.asoundrc file.


* Several bugs in the pulseaudio plugin for the GStreamer audio

framework could lead to application crashes, for instance in

pidgin. This update contains fixes for memory allocation and lock

handling of the pulseaudio plugin.

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