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Advisories MDVSA-2010:223: mysql

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Multiple vulnerabilities were discovered and corrected in mysql:


* During evaluation of arguments to extreme-value functions (such

as LEAST() and GREATEST()), type errors did not propagate properly,

causing the server to crash (CVE-2010-3833).


* The server could crash after materializing a derived table that

required a temporary table for grouping (CVE-2010-3834).


* A user-variable assignment expression that is evaluated in a logical

expression context can be precalculated in a temporary table for GROUP

BY. However, when the expression value is used after creation of the

temporary table, it was re-evaluated, not read from the table and a

server crash resulted (CVE-2010-3835).


* Pre-evaluation of LIKE predicates during view preparation could

cause a server crash (CVE-2010-3836).


* GROUP_CONCAT() and WITH ROLLUP together could cause a server crash



* Queries could cause a server crash if the GREATEST() or LEAST()

function had a mixed list of numeric and LONGBLOB arguments, and

the result of such a function was processed using an intermediate

temporary table (CVE-2010-3838).


* Queries with nested joins could cause an infinite loop in the

server when used from stored procedures and prepared statements



* The PolyFromWKB() function could crash the server when improper

WKB data was passed to the function (CVE-2010-3840).


The updated packages have been patched to correct these issues.

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