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Who is in charge here?

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A few people have been asking recently "who runs this board?"

The domain name mandrakeusers.org is owned by Paul.

The domain name mandrakeusers.com and mandrake-forum.org is owned by myself.

The board is currently hosted on my server.

The database is backed up in three different locations.


No one person controls this board


We have four administrators "in charge" of the overall running of this board.

Any Admin can make minor changes to this board, "as and when they see fit"

Important or major changes are discussed in the closed Admin forum, or by e-mail or PM.

At least two Admins must agree for major/important changes to take effect.

In many cases, the Moderators and Development team are invited for their input/ sugestions.


The Moderators have been entrusted to move/edit/delete posts or topics, as they deem necessary, according to the guidelines.

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