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  1. Problem was already solved. Tanx alot, you can close this topic.
  2. a little question. How can I update amsn? When I go to the suorceforge site, the most recent rpm is Fedora-0.94-1, can I use this one for Mandrake too?
  3. I just succeeded in installing amsn :-) but xmms still gives error. Probably because I need to update by urpmi, but I tought I have already done that... same for celestia. But hey, I'm already proud that I installed amsn :-D
  4. ok, and the solution is? give me some time... I have a speedtouch usb... I started a topic in the hardware category. Still didn't get it to work. Where do I fiind the executable files from fresh installed rpm's? (what folder) I just double click on them, install them, and then I can't find them back :-)
  5. ok, for this question, I take the installation of Celestia as example. This is what I did: in Mandrake 10.1, I doubleclicked on the celestia-kde-1.3.2-3mdk.i586.rpm file that was located in my /home/username/celestiafolder. It asked me if I wanted to install. I clicked continue. Then there came another message saying something about an error of liblualib.so and if I still wanted to continue. I clicked yes again and that was it. So, is it installed now, or not, and where can I find the executabe file of celestia? Same thing happened with installing xmms. so here are some questions: 1) while installing an rpm, do I need to login as user, or as root? and where can I find the executabe files of the programs? (what folder) 2) when typing commands, I use the Konsole terminal in the KDE environnement (is that ok?) 3) when I download rpm's, where can I best save them before installing them? Now I allways used /home/username/folder 4) when do I have to use: CODE./configure make su make install 5) do I have to use it? I tought mandrake 10.1 installed the rpm's automtically. 6) pls don't tell me to read the post of how to install rpm's and tarballs. I read it, and it's a good post, but don't solve my problem. 7) I don't have a internet connection in Linux (yet), so I have to download things in xp, and then log in in linux to get the files. If you explain something, tell every single step, very slow. It's my second day using Linux, so have some patience please :-)
  6. ok, I'm going to try this out as soon it's clear the previous way didn't work. For now, I reached the point that the ifconfig is printed out. Now the last problem is: how can I make the script? And how can I make it set as boot? and what does .xinitrc mean? as what do I have to save a script? and last but not least: the adsl connection software asks in WINDOWS for a dial number. (I know the number (it's like p8,xx). Isn't such a code necessary in linux? So remember for this post: everything is set up, but now I have to make the connection. again, tanx
  7. tanx for you help in first place, but 1) Wehre do I get the right rpm (I downloaded 1, but not sure if it was the right one 2) I still can't find modprobe.conf (I searched my harddisks, and no results) 3) the two green lights of the modem are on, and stable (so not on/off/on/off [i don't know the word :-)]) 4) this command is not found: pppd call adsl 5) does it matter that I'm not logged in as root, but as 'username' while trying to set up this stupid speedtouch? again tanx for you time.
  8. Ok, I gonna try this, but are you sure there is no easier way? I'm using the KDE environnement of Mandrake 10.1 And when I go to the configuration tool, it says that you have to copy the mgmt.o file in the usr/share/speedtouch folder. (it is there btw)
  9. I untarred the speedtouch.tar.gz file, and it created a directory. Then I had to copy the firmware zipfile into that directory. Then I had to edit the speedtouchconf.sh file, but I couldn't find such a file. Maybe it wasn't there because I have no speedtouch 330, but just a speedtouch USB modem? So I downloaded different firmware. But when I take a look into the zipfile of the 330, I can't find a speedtouchconf.sh neither.
  10. Ok, I just installed Mandrake 10.1... for the first time ever. So I really don't know sh*t about Linux, but I want to learn it. First problem is: How to install the speedtouch usb driver, so I have internet? I read many topics about this, but they were all written for the non graphical user environnement. So, very easy and slow now: How can I get this to work while using KDE environnement (graphical) on mandrake 10.1. I have the drivers, and I also have the mgmt.o file in usr/share/speedtouch directory. (also tell me how to untar etc, what program I need to untar and so else.) so, very slowly. Really tanx for the patience you gonna have with me :-)
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