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  1. I have yet to find anything wrong with my installation and use of SATA. Anyone else have any problems? It would be good if folks could share their experience here. Thanks to all who posted
  2. John I am terribly sorry for having missed out on your great response. I appreciate coming from a veteran like you. for all the nice things you had to say about my effort
  3. I am working off my laptop at the moment but off the top of my head I remember the kernel was 2.6.x (will check exactly if you like, later) I use the KDE 3.2 if I remember it correctly. I have not had a chance to run hdpram but the drive is fairly fast and gives good performance and very silent, if this helps.
  4. Sitor, Regret could not get back to you earlier as I was tied up with few things. I notice you already got the response from Mandrake Customer Support. So your decision is to go for it?
  5. Sitor, I cannot say with certainty how easy it is to upgrade to 10.1 but I am sure with the facilities already provided with GlobeTrotter it should not be a problem really. USB 1.0 theoritcally is 12 Mbits/s compared to USB 2.0 which is 480 Mbits/s, hence according to simple calculation the difference is 40 times. In real world situation I tested it out a few time, and the difference was more like 25 times faster meaning what you can transfer with 2.0 in one minute will take 25 minutes with USB 1.0. Furthermore you mention about transfering video, with USB 1.0 you cannot transfer high quality video DVD, but only VCD quality.
  6. I have been reading posts about dual booting on various forums and looks like many people are having problems with dual booting Windows XP and Mandrake 10. I was experimenting with Mandrake 10 since last few days on a secondary system since I wanted to get a feel of how things work. I never had any problems installing Mandrake hardware wise or software wise on an exclusive machine but ideally wanted to install it on my main rig with Windows XP already installed to reduce the clutter of having two machines and investing in a KVM switch and catering to additional power requirements of two units. Yesterday I planned to dual boot on my main rig without having to disturb the Windows XP installation with SP2 installed and everything worked out well and no hardware or software problems cropped up. The procedure I adopted was to keep the main boot drive WD with Windows XP untouched. I changed the settings in the bios to boot from the DVD drive and having the WD disabled for booting. I then proceeded to enable boot from SATA and installed the Mandrake 10. I forced Mandrake to create the boot loader on the SATA drive instead of the WD to make sure the Windows XP partition is not disturbed. Once all was installed and system rebooted I could see the boot menu indicating Linux as well as Windows. I could boot into Linux and also into Windows without any problems. When I switch the Bios to read the WD as boot drive, Linux is not recognised by Windows XP as the boot loader does not exist there. However, switching back to SATA as boot drive I can get all the options. I think I will leave it as it is and continue to experiment with the two OS and improve my skills on Linux. My main rig specs and all the attached hardware are as follows: P4 2.53 Ghz Intel D845PEBT2 Motherboard Corsair 512 MB XMS Low Latency PC2700 (2-2-2-5) DDR Ram WD 80GB HD with 8MB cache (Primary Master) Seagate 120 GB SATA LaCie Dual Format 8X DVD Writer (Secondary Master) Asus 16x DVD Rom (attached to Ultra ATA Controller due to this drive being ATA 100) Promise Ultra ATA 100 Controller Audigy sound card Matrox G400 Dual Head VGA (retained from previous system) US Robotics V90 56k Internal Voice/Fax/Data Modem (not compatible with Linux since it is a Winmodem essentially) Logitech Elite Wireless Keyboard Logitech MX 700 Wireless Mouse Philips 170S5FB 17” LCD monitor HP Scanner and Printer Denco D719 case Looks like I am hooked to Linux! B)
  7. An announcement was made last month about Lacie and Mandrake joining hands to come up with a mobile drive with Linux installed. Its what anyone would call Mobile Linux. Its very convenient in the sense that anyone can plug it into any computer with a USB socket and is on the desktop in minutes all ready to get going with the work. Very nice offering indeed. Ideal for those who cannot or would not ditch Windows but want to get familiar with what Linux is all about. I had earlier reviewed the drive itself in the month of June when this annoucement was not made and the drive was available as a simple 20,40,or 80 GB USB and Firewire version for mobile storage for those on the go. The drive by itself was a very good offering but with the Linux now bundled with it it is a must have for anyone who wants to have the luxury of working on multiple systems without the worry for dual booting and its drawbacks. on a single machine. Here is the link to my review of the drive for those who are especially interested in its performance and usability. Review of LaCie Mobile Drive (Back-up Solutions) Lacie Mobile Drive 40 GB Review
  8. Out of the frying pan into the fire! Here is the list which is even longer that gives an indication of how many things were actually wrong with Windows XP. Just Plug and Pray Fixes on Windows XP with SP2
  9. I which case I can assure you that you will not be disappointed B)
  10. Sorry I forgot to mention that my review was done in June when this announcement was not existing, I had reviewed the drive itself and my focus was on the drive only, I am trying to get the Mandrake installation from the same vender and if I can get hold of it I would update my review by adding my opinion on same. However, from my review you probably can get the idea of how good I found the drive to be. Sorry for any confusing caused. I did not mean it that way.
  11. I am using this drive and I consider it as one of the best purchases I have made in recent times. It works beautifully and is very convenient to carry while on the go. I did a review on this very drive, the link to which is provided for anyone who cares to check it out. LaCie 40 GB Mobile Drive Review
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