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  1. I don't have the choice to pick alsa :)
  2. hmm, can't you try to unplug the old modem? Don't know for sure it works in a laptop but you can give it a try...
  3. just wait for a long time?
  4. well thanks for an answer, but I already mailed the author, and he doesn't respond, and the ethernet kit is not an option :(
  5. wouldn't you try to find another p2p program for linux, cause kazaa really sucks...
  6. Hi :) I have an adsl usb modem(yea I know its bad), it's an Asus AAM 6000UG modem. Now I have founded a driver, called amedyn, on sourceforge.net AAM 6000UG modem well I have did everything like it says, so first needed the linux-atm, which I could find here: Accesrunner. Now I could install both, I configured via pppoe, and then launched the connection via amedyn, a script called amstart.sh. It finds the modem, but then when it has to sent the firmware it gives me an error: Now I looked for this error and founded the same question, of Josep Comas, the maker of the driver :s : Josep Comas Well now my question, can you help me with this problem, my last hope :) And I'm new to linux btw :)
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