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  1. I use Xtart to start fluxbox, although using startx leaves me with similar problems. I did look at the processes but could not spot anything obvious - although,in fairness, I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for! :oops:


    I also looked in .xsession-errors, and again I can't see anythnig immediately obvious.


    I tried KDE to see what happens and there is no problem, so this is clearly a flux problem.


    Once I have lost X I can do nothing with any input device - so no keyboard combinations work at all.

  2. I use Crossover office and it pretty much works fine. If the memory load becomes too high, then it can get a little unstable, but not a disaster. I find that MS compatablility in OpenOffice is not good enough and also, I simply find OpenOffice far too slow to start up and run. I would rathe not have to use any micrsoft products, but for the moment I will continue to use office as there is simply no better alternative

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