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  1. I did finally figure it out. thanks so much
  2. It is Firefox it asks me to open with and to choose an application. There is nothing listed and I click choose. Then it takes me to a box that shows different folders: Search, recently used, Jessica, Desktop, File system, documents, music, pictures, videos, downloads. how do I find the add urpmi media I did type add urpmi media in the Search option and nothing happened. thanks
  3. what do I use to open the plf
  4. I used K3B to Rip. How do I rip in Amarok and how do I set it to rip in the MP3 format. Thanks Jessica
  5. I use Mandriva 2010.0. And I love it. Its very easy to use. I've only been using it for about a month and I dont plan to ever go back to Windows. Anyways I have Amarok version 2.2.0. I have a Sony MP3 player model #NWZ-S615F. When putting music from a cd into Amarok it puts in in ogg format. And when I try to add the music in ogg format to my mp3 player obviously it wont go on the mp3 player. My question is what do I need that will convert ogg to mp3.
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