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  1. Ok so I want this setup: /dev/hda1: Windows XP /dev/hda2: Mandrake 10 Cooker /dev/hda3: Possibly Gentoo /dev/hda4: Swap So how could I disable Mandrake trying to use a boot loader and use gentoo to have the bootloader? I'd look around but haven't got Mandrake or any other linux distro installed at the moment.. And how could I tell gentoo (or another linux distro) how to load Mandrake? Thanks Oh yeh sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum..
  2. I've seen this mentioned a couple of times now and wondered what the terms mean??
  3. Does anyone know if I can set it up so my floppy and removable drive do not appear on the desktop? There seems little point when now all I have to do is open "Computer".
  4. Hmm I was just wondering for people who use cooker, is it that unstable? Cos I like keeping as up to date with releases as I can and cooker seems far more up to date than what I've got at the mo..
  5. Ok I was just wondering a few things about Mandrake maybe someone could help me out understanding how it works. I update my software from Mandrake mirrors. But on these mirrors is not up-to-date software with the rest of the linux world. For example, I use xchat version 2.0.7 when version 2.0.8 is out, kernel 2.6.3 when 2.6.5 is out, gnome 2.4.1 when version 2.6.0 is out etc etc.. Is this because the stuff on the mirrors is Mandrake approved / Mandrake tested or something? On another thing I'm a little confused on, here's an example of a package name: xchat-2.0.7-6mdk.i586.rpm. Now I know "xchat" is the name of the application, "2.0.7" is the version of the application, "mdk" means Mandrake etc but what's the "-6" ?? It seems to happen on all / most of the Mandrake rpms so I was wondering what does it mean? Thanks
  6. I know this sounds like a stupid question but how can I change the colours gnome is using? Like at the mo I've just decided to give it a go and everything looks white
  7. Thanks, I don't suppose you've got a mirror for that official version have you? Has the mirror got any other updates for 10 CE seen as my mandrake update still isn't working?
  8. Is there a kernel 2.6.5 kernel mandrake rpm yet (for 10 CE)? And where can I download? If there isn't a proper 2.6.5 mandrake rpm what's the latest version? Thanks
  9. Is that the Mandrake Update mirrors that are supposed to be back up? Because it still isn't working on my pc..
  10. So from how I understand it, they're going to run 2 Mandrake 10 versions along side each other and the official one shouldn't have community stuff installed on it. The official will be tested stuff and the community will be more like a working progress with users being the testers? Am I correct or completely wrong? Thanks
  11. Does anyone know of a bit torrent or a mirror yet? Cant wait :P
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