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  1. Hello I'm using Mandriva 2009 Spring with KDE 4. I've just downloaded Firefox 3.5 from the Mozilla website. I want to test the new html 5 audio and video tags. I wan to test the video tags. To do this I need a video with video encoded in Ogg Theora and audio encoded in Ogg Vorbis. Since I don't have such a video, I decided to convert a .mov video to Ogg Theora. I I decided to try converting the video with ffmpeg. From the terminal I typed: cd name of directory which contains my videos ffmpeg -i video.mov video.ogg After ffmpeg converted the video, I checked the converted video. The video format was theora but the audio format was flac. I want to know how to convert a video so that the converted video's video format is Ogg Theora and the audio format is Ogg Vorbis. Please tell me how to do this.
  2. Hello I am using Mandriva 2009 Spring with KDE 4. I want to try out Mozilla Prism. I went to the Mozilla Prism website, and from there I downloaded and installed the Mozilla Prism firefox extension for FFirefox. After installing the extension I restarted Firefox. After Firefox closed and opened again, I went to the Google search website. I opened the Tools menu of Firefox, and then I clicked Convert Website to Application. I didn't change any of the setting, and I chose to create an icon on my desktop for the new Google homepage web application. After doing this I closed Firefox. I then clicked on the icon for the Google homepage web application on my desktop. Bu when I clicked it, Firefox launched with its default homepage. I tried the same thing with the Wikipedia English main page, but still Firefox launched. I don't know why this is happening. Please help me make Mozilla Prism work.
  3. Hi I am using Mandriva 2009 Spring. I want to know if there are free Linux alternatives for Microosft Access and Microsoft Project, that can open files created by Microsoft Access and Microsoft Project. Please tell me.
  4. Hello I am using Mandriva 2009.1 with KDE 4.2. I installed Elisa media center. Now, some videos play perfectly, but when I try to play some videos, Elisa says it needs an MPEG audio decoder. I have installed all the Elisarelated packages, so I do not know why this is happening. I think I have also installed all the required gstreamer plugins. These videos play fine with VLC. Please help me fix this.
  5. Hello Thank you Lardy I disabled pulseAudio from Mandriva Control Center, and now pSX works. However, the menus flicker and don't display properly unless I drag pSX to the bottom of the desktop. This happens both with Compiz Fusion turned off and turned on. Is there any way to fix this?
  6. Hello I wasn't sure whether to post this in the Software, Games or Emulators subforum, so I decided to post this in the Software subforum. I have a Playstation 1 and I also have a legal copy of the Playstation 1 game I want to play with the pSX emulator. My computer has Mandriva 2009 Spring One withj KDE 4.2. My computer has 1 GB RAM, a 200 GB hard drive and an ATI Radeon 9200 PRO graphics card. I am trying to get the Playstation 1 emulator psX to work. I previously had gotten psX to work fine on Mandriva 2009 and Ubuntu 8.04. I downloaded the compressed file containing the latest version of psX from its official website, and then uncompressed the compressed. The compressed file contains the psX binary for running the psX emulator, and a readme text file with instructions on getting psX to work and how to use it, and a folder named BIOS for putting a Playstation 1 BIOS file. I followed all the instructions in the readme file, including putting a Playstation 1 BIOS file (SCPH1001.bin) in the BIOS folder, and installing all the required Linux dependencies. After that, I made sure the psX binary was executable and then I ran it. After running it, it asks me where the Playstation 1 BIOS file is, I select the PS 1 BIOS file (called SCPH1001.bin) in the BIOS folder, and then a faint window appears and then disappears. I don't know why the psX emulator isn't working. Please help me get it working. [moved from Software by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]
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