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  1. Same here and its working nice. A surprise was Opera. I downloaded and installed it and it worked like a charm. No library problems. Gnome is nice. Opened a terminal and it was setup and ready to go in my fav config. Loads very fast too. KDE I haven't checked much. Opened a terminal and tried to set the background to a new color but it wouldn't switch. Took easily twice as long to start too. But I'll play with it more.
  2. Got all 3, they are: MandrakeLinux-9.0rc3-i18n.i586.iso* MandrakeLinux-9.0rc3-inst-1.i586.iso* MandrakeLinux-9.0rc3-inst-2.i586.iso* and the md5sum checksums check out too!
  3. The link I used is fttp://mirrors.secsup.org/pub/linux/mandrake/Mandrake-iso/i586 I have to redownload CD 3, its coming down at 250kB/s whooo! Estimated time is 50 minutes..
  4. Thanks for the tip, I'm downloading at 222 kbp. Never had it so good :)
  5. Interesting... some are dated 9/18 and others have today's date on them. Maybe someone touched them..
  6. His "Weasley" reputation probably hangs over his head. Until he does a work of art as an actor it probably will continue to do so :roll:
  7. he's an "ok" writer though but doesn't get me going... Made the mistake of clicking "go elsewhere". Almost signed up for voyeurdorm LOL!
  8. Kinda like the "Anne Nicole Smith" show isn't for everyone, bleh!
  9. From what I can tell, its based off of coral linux (checked the download page)
  10. Have you checked the projects on www.freshmeat.net ? Type label printing into the search box.
  11. I just followed a link through to the download site and its still rc2, not rc3?
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