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  1. I've downloaded both things, but the Winflash doesn't seem to want to execute. Any of the files I click on just say I don't have access to do it. God knows why it says that. I've never had any problems with installing files.
  2. Thanks Ian, for that. Will updating the BIOS effect anything else on my machine.
  3. Hi Ian, Laptop is an Acer Aspire 1350 and the System BIOS Version is ZP1 Q3A18. Mandie
  4. Is that a new insect - bios bug - as I've never had anything to do with my BIOS except changing the boot order, how do I go about finding there is an update available. Thanks for everyones help on this, I really appreciate it. I get to the point of giving up on trying to create this Live USB Key, then the demon inside me appears and says "Don't let a PC beat you". I will get there, much to the frustration of my hubby, who grudges the time I spend playing on my laptop with this. He can't understand the buzz you get from learning something new and getting it to work! Mandie
  5. The USB Legacy was enabled, so I disabled it and then the drive went out of view from the Boot settings so it won't boot from that then.
  6. I'll have a look at that and let you know. One thing I did notice when trying to set the BIOS up, it puts the USB device under the Hard drive entry, so if you press Enter on the Hardrive it has two entries under it , one being the USB device that I have to move up in the pecking order. If I put the Removeable Device otion to the top it won't boot from it. Wierd.
  7. Hi Ian, Tried that and everything looked ok until it suddenly said can't load unionfs.ko Failed to load unionfs module Loading /intrd/bin/ash Can't access tty, Job control turned off usb 4-1 device not accepting address 9, error -110 usb 4-1 device not accepting address10, error -110 and so on, it keeps counting up from here A work colleague of mine has a USB he uses and he booted from it perfectly on his laptop, but when I try it on mine i get the error above.
  8. Hi Ian, Yes I want to run from USB as my hard drive on my laptop isn't really big enough to partition it - 30Gb - No windows popped up, nothing. The light on the drive does light up for a while but then goes out. Windows recognises it so I'm guessing that it isn't a faulty device. Is there something better I can use then to be able to run from USB for now. I did try booting my laptop with an Ubuntu 8.10 but there were allsorts of errors coming up when it did that.
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm very new to Linux and am loving it so far. The trouble is that I'm running Mandriva from a boot cd, therefore unable to save anything I set up. I want to make a Live USB but when I click on Create MCNLive USB it says there is no USB device available. I've tried all 4 of my usb ports and 2 other pen drives but I just can't get linux to see my usb ports. Please help. Mandie
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