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  1. At last, on 10.1 CE *BOTH* my wifi cards (Netgear MA401 11Mbs and Netgear WG511T 54Mbs) work flawlessly on my Sony VAIO PCG-GRV616S. If anyone is interested the trick has been to cvs checkout the lates madwifi package, plain compile and add to /etc/modconf.preload all its modules. Those are the drivers for WG511T , but they might have After that, even the 11Mbps card which uses the orinoco_cs card started working [moved from Laptops, etc by spinynorman]
  2. With either eclipse 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 (linux gtk) and Sun JDK 1.4.2_04 and 1.4.2._05 on a stock Mandrake 10.1 (kernel debugging an eclipse runtime workbench very often results in both debugged and debuggee processes hanging. This happens after a breakpoint is hit, either on F6 stepping or on double clicking on the class stack in the debug view to open a source editor on another point along the stack. Is anyone else experiencing this problem ? Edo [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  3. so I should create an urpmi distrib source pointing to a cooker mirror and invoke urpmi --auto-select on that one ?? Edo
  4. Neither on the Club's mirror-list nor on easyurpmi there are update mirrors for 10.1 CE. how does one update that ? Is it the case that there won't be update 'sources' just the main distrib RPMs will get updated along the way until 10.1 official arrives ? In that case I guess I should update as $ urpmi.update -a # urpmi --auto-select BUT I thought cooker and CE were forked ... please advise!
  5. I've upgraded my 10.0 official installation's kde packgaes with the kde 3.2.3 packages for mandrake availble from kde.org. Having experienced it, I would not recommend this upgrade. My current most annoying problem (not the only one) are a couple of panel bugs : At startup, the kde applets taskbar and system tray do not get populated properly : - the taskbar stays empty even if there are windows open, - the system tray does not display the susal icons (klaptop, klipper, kmix, korganizer ...) I have to manually remove the two applets and add them again, and they will then work until the next kde session. Anyone knows how to fix the problem once and for all? thanks, Edoardo
  6. yes hand create the folder as root
  7. the problem was not with the mirrors but with the directory /var/cache/urpmi/rpms to be missing the script wa not creating it after having downloaded the files I discovered it using urpmi from the command line - this was not displayed in the logs window of the mdk control center Edo
  8. Being a club memeber, I can access the club mirrors. The problem with the new directory structure seems to be gone, as now urpmi is able to show me available updates (and I can even ftp to the site using mozilla and download rpms by hand, but I'd prefre to use urpmi). The problem is, the GUI-driven update always complains about problems with signature (can't open file) and subsequent failure to install the package. anyone kwows what's wrong ? Edo
  9. I can't dare do that in my sony laptop moreover things worked in mdk 9.1 & 9.2 so my question is WHY 10 cannot do what 9.x did so well ?
  10. exactly, I do NOT want this. so what do I need to do to play audio CDs in all apps .... ?
  11. As I understand it, in Mdk 10.0 unless your cd player has an audio cable plugged into your soundcard you can't play audio CD with most applications (eg Totem, kscd) you can, though, configure xmms to use digital extraction. this is actually my current workaround, but I do not understand why that was not necessary in mdk 9.2 has anyone answers / fixes / workarounds ? Edo PS : it should be well advertised if a newer software version can't do what an older one could do easily
  12. I enjoyed having the kload applet (showing cpu and memory usage in a way I like more that ksysguard) in my panel while running 10.0 RC1 I now have a fresh install of CE and can't find it :( do you know where's hiding ? Edo
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