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  1. Ok, i may just be super dumb, but i am trying to install World Of Warcraft Wrath Of Lich King over my cedega WoW but my problem is that it doesn't install and i found on the net that you have to type a command to have the "hidden" items show to install (via copy and pasting to desktop i think) I tried all of them, i know my uid is 500 and i know mandriva uses su not sudo, but what am doing wrong when i type this commands and they don't work?The umounts work, but the mounts don't the commands here don't work http://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/b..._id=4997;tips=1 http://www.cedega.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9817 http://www.cedega.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9826 most support goes for ubuntu anyways. when my cd is mounted (normal way) this is what it says /dev/sr0 on /media/Lich King type udf (ro,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal,uid=500) if anyone could help i would really appreciate it, thanks! [moved from Command Line by spinynorman]
  2. well im back on mandriva 2009 gnome (like it, but diffently made a theme overhaul) but going to also give the new opensolaris a shot just can't let go of the mandriva wallpaper.... never been so awed by a defualt paper of any os, (like how it changes according to the time of the day) zenwalk is not on my list, after installing it and saying "sorry, failed to install lilo, please boot from your cd!"
  3. Well probable for the first time in a long time, mandriva broke then 1000 H.P.D mark on distrowatch http://distrowatch.com/
  4. i guess we found another answer to this question What did mandriva do to make everyone hate them :P
  5. damnit, i downloaded mandriva xfce and another friken window bordering issue, FROM THE LIVE CD!!!! crap, and i really like zenwalk, but i am too dumb to install it from live cd, issue here http://thevistaforums.com/index.php?showto...mp;#entry311315
  6. thanks dude, ill try that when i try my next linux, looking around see what looks good to me, and looking at E17 too. *pulls out 2008 spring cd*
  7. Well is there a program that can convert my AAC to .OGG (most important!And gstreamer sorta fails on this, or when i open some of them it will say "enycrated (something like that) or corrupt(for example. onerepublic won't work, but coldplay will, when it all plays perfectly fine in itunes!And then i have some music in wmv.Please, i don't want to waste a thousand cds if thats the only answer.All my new music comes from itunes And does mandy 2008.1 still receive updates?or is all focus now on 2009 and cooker?
  8. i dont know it was just that fedora was not practical to me, there was no migration wizard, nothing to help you get properity drivers, and they arn't in the repos.Media codecs were pathetic, i know the US laws and crap are restricting, but what a gstreamer promt and ask if you will want to install it like ubuntu.I tried installing gstreamer from repos but i only got AAC but not wmv, and then half my AAC songs didn't work. i guess when opensuse 11.1 comes out i will give it a fair chance, but i might somehow run into fullscreen issues again since its KDE4.
  9. Sorry, but honest truth.Just yesterday removed linux and let vista have whole drive.It just seems like sorry this os is more trouble than its worth.I tried hard to like linux.Mandriva i could say was really the only serious os, ubuntu and gOS and all that stuff just seem like hobby oses.Fedora could be like mandriva if it wasn't so friken annoying.I don't remember giving SuSe a full chance but i don't see the point anymore.Mandriva 2008 Spring was 1 great distro, i loved it i was tempted to removing windows and be happy with cedega.When 2009 came, KDE4 just...its not that i got any system freezes or anything...its just difficult, i don't know if many of the issues were 2009 or KDE itself (because kubuntu pretty much self destroyed itself after 10 minutes of using) its like... my fullscreen issues.... http://forum.kde.org/showthread.php?tid=9644 only i find that ctrl alt backspace was the cause after a thousand reinstalls.KDE4 was a beautiful environment and very innovative and i loved and wanted it to work so bad, but it just has too many problems.I try gnome in mandriva then find http://forum.kde.org/showthread.php?tid=10617 and then another reinstall, but then i tried Ubuntu and gOS, they were great for a few days, but i felt the "hobby" feeling shorty after and no seriousness.Fedora next, and this was one hell with the over zealotic opensource wackos (Sorry, not including the property drivers in the repos or no manager to get them whatso ever is not freedom, they are making you use crappy drivers and want it to be painful if you want to use branded drivers) and the codecs for media was hell, i got a window saying i can buy codecs for my music for 28 euros!!!!!!!!!!!WTF? Anyways, enough of that bc, i went back to mandriva again, but i try put kde 3, but then find a major mess.The window issues appear again, had to download a stupid plugin to fix that, and then find all programs in a mess, too many problems and conflicts, it was hell.Then i try again going back to 2008.1 doing a URMPI install upgrade to 2009.Find the window bordering issues again!!!!!!!!!!! I still see mandriva as a serious distro, but i hate gnome, its not realistic and its fake, kde3 is just a hassle to go back to, KDE4 fullscreen issues and then the side of the window bordering conflicts.I see little light of sunshine in mandriva like it runs wmv music out of the box after i went through the pleasant and easy to use migration wizard.But when i play WoW, the stupid panel in the way is soo friken annoying.Plus KDE 4 has a lot of unstable software, like amarok is still a beta, was APLPA in 4.0.It lacks many featues are 1x and the interface and eye candy can use more polish. trust me, vista is no an angel, just yesterday playing a game i noticed my whole system froze, sound repeating broken tunes, and then ctrl alt delete didnt work , and 30 secs later computer reboots!!!!! But, i will take the horror that will run my programs over the angel that tries to do better, but just has to fight other factors.And not inluding a printer program and a cd burner out of the box were big opps at the mandriva team. I am still open to going back, if fullscreen issues go away, or i find another distro that is serious, then im back on linux tracks.But for now ill stick with "this unidentified program (which i ran only 1k times) wants to run on your system, cancel or allow" :P "Windows internet explorer cannot display this page"
  10. Hello again. I run into another KDE4 in Mandriva 2009. When one of my games (guild wars) locked up, i used ctrl alt backspace to get out (like how i use ctrl alt delete for windows) i get back to desktop.And surprisingly i didn't see anything on the panel missing ( because i noticed everytime i do so something like the mandriva menu goes missing or so) but then i start cedega and guild wars, and then i find that the mandriva panel remains visible.What the heck?I tried WoW, same thing, i rebooted system, same result.Even in firefox doing full screen in youtube the buttons are hidden by the panel.When i downloaded LXDE for testing i found that the panels will go away.So how do i fix this? (i removed LXDE) i really don't want to switch to any DE or go back 2008 spring unless i really have to. i made a thread here too http://www.cedega.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9788 but i don't have high hopes for there because that forum is like on life support. and the ctrl alt backspace didn't effect any issues with the Mandriva 2008.1 and KDE3.I really starting to hate this "widget" system.Yes, would be nice if KDE team did as what apple does with dash board, and windows with sidebar, but for really important stuff like a menu launcher and a task manager is a major no no in my book, especially when it has glitches.I at least spent 30 minutes trying to learn the widget system, and to restore everything to the way it was when i accidentally removed one.
  11. i don't get it...! just skip this issue, only wanted the video because i thought the lady was hot.How do i change to a 12 hour time clock?and why won't mandriva 2009 read audio disks?
  12. well i downloaded quicktime packages with package manager, didn't help this issue.But when i opened amarok i was allowed to play music from itunes from my linux partition now. at least i can copy and paste, and that crosses out the cds issue since i don't need them anymore. *nvm found out the music it picked up was from windows media player 11
  13. its not working....and stuiped mandriva can't read my audio cds i burned from any media player and all media players in windows can read.Even mandriva 2008 Spring could read my burned cds from itunes.And my clock also is in military time..... What the heck is wrong with mandriva? It cant even read a simple audio cd, and there is no printer program thing in this release either!
  14. the code you said above won't work im just going to watch on youtube, i got a flv file, sound works but still coloring problem.mp4 from a different site is still no sound.And the flv file looks very crappy, just like youtube.mp4 looks better but still coloring and sound is an issue.
  15. Hi, i downloaded 2 videos from youtube, so i can get higher quality and it comes in mp4 format, but when i play i get no sound in any media player, and oddly i get a blue tint
  16. Hmm i don't know why everyone hates KDE4. I havn't tried it yet, but i feel sorry for the KDE team who do this stuff for free and volenteer and then find the general public bashing them. Maybe when i get mandriva 2009 (debating if i go powerpack or not, and i won't download the same day of a release, to many problems) ill see what KDE 4 really is
  17. Go Mandriva! Tommorow when school's out im ordering powerpack!
  18. interesting and thanks adam. But just one question How the hell did Xandros survive?Although i am looking into their product line deciding if i shoudl go with Mandriva 2009 Powerpack, Xandros, or Vector linux SOHO, how did they survive against these free distros.They look like the most closed distro, with all their products being commercial, and then they do give me the feeling of them being a true commerical company, and more closed then mandriva.Just compare websites, and you will see what i mean.They have a security suite which i think you have to pay for, then they ask you if you would like to buy microsoft parent protection or whatever the hell it is before you buy got $50.
  19. I have a question, what happened to mandriva? i only been a user of it since 2008.1 release, but it seems like when i mention it other people look at it as a negative.Also, looking at distro watch, mandriva fell from number one all the way down to 9, then currently this year it climbed back up a little to 7. If you look here, http://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=major , the cons of mandriva are not technical issues, they are all company wise. What did mandriva do to lose its popularity and momentum?
  20. Hello Try this http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?...n&iId=11329 And don't forget to change your Config.wtf to add SET gxApi "opengl" Hope this helps.
  21. Am i able to "upgrade" my mandriva 2008 FREE desktop to mandriva 2009 POWERPACK in 1 try?or will i have to download FREE 2009 then move up to powerpack?
  22. Dangit!!!! My stuiped isp uses 8e6, which is blooking the softpedia link, saying its "R rated". Yet i am allowed to visit softpedia's website other then the mandriva link. Come on are those guys at 8e6 on crack or what?I never knew mandriva had porn? Well hopefully they unblock it, i rememeber yesterday they blocked youtube for a while and then unblocked it.
  23. Can someone post pictures of the defualt theme of mandriva 2009, really excited what the la ora theme will bring us in KDE 4. (the picture above uses the KDE theme)
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