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  1. Thanks, I'll try that now EDIT: It didn't work. However I have a really bad motherboard, so I wouldn't blame mandrake. I'm currently downloading Mandrake 9.1 now.
  2. I downloaded and burned the ISO. To make things more clear this is how it went for me on a working machine: Got the start up screen and pressed enter A lot of text comes and goes It loads files in to memory quite quickly You're at the install GUI I get the startup screen alright (Press Enter to install, F1 for more options), and everything's fine up until it tried to attach IDE drivers. I kept getting the message "hda: Lost interrupt" every 30 or so seconds. After a few messages it would give a message that sounds like a working one would get (can't remember exactly) then it would do the same for my 2nd hard drive (hdb). I would then get the screen where it WOULD say loading into memory, but it doesn't yet. Eventually, it slowly starts to load stuff into memory, but hangs mid-way. I never get to the GUI. If there's no solutions I'd like to try Mandrake 9.1, but I can't find any versions (and no one seems to be seeding the torrent). Any ideas? Hardware specs: ASRock K7S8X Motherboard (and this is probably the problem, it's given Knoppix some problems too) 512MB DDR Ram 2400+ (2ghz) Athlon XP Geforce 4 ti4200
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