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  1. Just a quick note. I have just been trying out Mdk 10 Official on 'Leon', my spare mainly winxp computer and while it is slick, quick and pretty professional when up and going several things went bad along the way. The install hung for a considerable period but when by chance I came back to it later after leaving it going I found it did actually get itself moving. The rest of the install went smoothly. In booting Mdk 10.0 pauses for some time on 'Mount local file systems' but does get up after a while. Don't know why. Don't really care either. Luckily I have 'Linikis', a simpler spec machine ready to try. The machine Mdk 10.0 doesn't like has:- Athlon 2800, Gigabyte KT600 Motherboard, ATA 133 HDD, SATA HDD on controller card, 1024Mb DDR, Nividea etc. I can only think that Mdk 10.0 doesn't agree with my SATA controller card. Mdk 9.2 installed cleanly, booted easily and ran smoothly on the same machine, but it's predecessor Mdk 9.1 took a hell of a fight to get it up at all. It seems that Mdk 10.0 has gone backwards a bit in installing and booting on some of the more higher spec machines. I'll post again if there are any problems after I've let the monster loose on 'Linikis', my mainly linux box but I don't anticpate any. Cheers.
  2. I have used Linux and Mandrake in particular for most of the last four years. Ever since an upgrade of MS Word turned some of my carefully worded prose into little boxes I have vowed to keep my stuff out of the reach of Bill Gate's buggy code. I have been with Mandrake since release 6.0 and so far for what I want to do with it the present 9.2 version is fine. Others have obviously had their problems with it, and their disappointments, but for me it is working fine. Yes, the defaults in installing wanted to leave out a good number of my favourite programs. Yes, when I tried to install a stack of packages I lost the menues and had to completely reinstall before I read on the net of the 'update menues' trick. All right, so Mandrake 9.2 made a fool of me but after that everything is working. Certainly Mandrake have a deplorable habit of fixing things until they don't work (remember how they lost supermount back around releases 7.0-7.2 or so?). The one thing that really didn't impress me with MDK 9.2 was that when I went to look for the familiar KPPP application to dial up the net on the home machine though I searched high and low it wasn't there so I had to install it. MDK release 9.1 on the other hand proved nothing short of a disaster on my upgraded computer (Athlon 2800+, KT600 chipset, PCI ATA133 card). I wasn't able to get a stable setup in plenty of tries. 9.2 on the other hand installed straight away and is running very clean. It goes to show, everyone is different. All the best.
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