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  1. Hi! I've just installed the ati drivers for my new video card and enabled 3d acceleration. Everything worked fine, so i just urpmi'd compiz-fusion too, and that killed my kde desktop. It just can't start. The kde freezes after the login. I can start the pc in safe mode and start the XServer, but after i want to start kde or gnome it just freezes. The only desktop environment i can start from the x server terminal is WindowMaker . Please help. Thanks
  2. I can't believe it was realy that easy . I installed easyurpmi, and used 'urpmi nvidia' and it downloaded and installed everything. Thank you very much Greg2!
  3. I can see now this won't be an easy one :D . I tried to install the nvidia driver, but it missed some kernel source. I used uname to determine my kernel version and then urpmi to install it but it just didn't work. I think i give up and stick with my old Mandriva. Thanks for the tip Jim though.
  4. I downloaded the ONE edition to try what's new in the 2008.1 release. After the first boot an nvidia logo blinked and the desktop was.. WOW. The windows in kde were a bit different, double click made a window to maximise, 3d effs' etc. So i downloaded the FREE release too to change my 2008 to 2008.1. But the FREE version is almost the same as the old, except the login screen. How can i make the FREE release look like ONE? I mean to use 3d acceleration and so on.
  5. So i downloaded the 2008 0 free dvd and installed it without any problem. Thanks again for the support.
  6. Thanks for the help. I found a 2008 release, but it's 700Mb so i don't know if it is the right version or not -the beta was 4g- but i'll try it anyway. So thanks again :).
  7. Hi! Just downloaded Madriva 2008 spring beta1 but i can't install it. It boots up from the dvd, and as i select install mandriva... it shows me a "No CDROM device found" (it's funny because it just booted up from there :D)message and bring a-lot-of drivers to select from. I tryed all the cd drivers(atapi, ide etc) but none of them works. I read to put in the command line noapci and ideprobe=0 but non of them works for me too. Please help. Btw i'm totaly new to this so please step-by-step. Thanks [moved from Hardware by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]
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