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  1. No matter what I choose - the clock always displays as digital. I want the plain setting. How do I make the change permanent? [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  2. Well - looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and install RealPlayer - did you go for Real or Helix?
  3. Update - I am now starting to believe that this is a problem with the BBC streams which as far as I can determine seem to be being handled through a 3rd party service outfit called Akaimi - I know that the BBC had problems with their broadband streams a week or so ago outside the UK. the fact that the low speed stream works and only the high speed stream fails suggests to me that something is at fault at the other end! How to determine this is beyond me. I've tried Arch with windows codecs installed - exactly the same outcome as all other distros - infinitely looping list of stream urls - no video or sound. Standalone mplayer loads streams and then displays 'stopped''. Dazed and confused ....
  4. The settings quoted in the other thread were already enabled. If I choose the RealPlayer format then the urls start to load and then a popup says extra plugins need to be installed. This suggests that the whole RealPlayer program has to be installed. is that the case? Lo-speed streaming works - the problem seems to be with the hi-speed option. I'm starting to despair of a solution to this problem!
  5. okay - I'll retry using the settings mentioned in the thread ... but, not hopeful as I may have already tried them - I've spent so much time on this, I can't really remember what I've tried and what I haven't!! More later.
  6. Curiouser and curiouser ... so it seems very iffy whether any given distro can view these BBC videos? I'm going to install Arch later today to see if the effect is the same. Has anybody tried using the RealPlayer format? (as an aside, is there any difference between Helix and Realplayer).
  7. Here's the scenario: Mandriva 2008 installed and updated - works like a dream. However, I cannot get the video clips at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/ to play in Firefox. Only these fail to work. Specifically, the One Minute World News clip at high quality Windows Media format fails:- the stream loads a long list of server urls, this continues ad infinitum and the video never plays: if I choose to play in standalone mode then the urls load and the stream simply stops without any video being shown. I have all the latest mplayer plugin codecs installed. Can another user outside the United Kingdom please try this site and give me some feedback? I have been told by a couple of Arch Linux users that they have no problems - they couldn't give me any more help. I am totally baffled and frustrated by this phenomenon. help please!?
  8. Realplayer plugin also fails in Firefox. Also, the volume control in Kmix has stopped working - can't switch sound off even 'tho the tray icon says it's muted! This is all happening in Toronto distro.
  9. Okay! Solved it myself ... is there anybody out there? However, on the BBC site the player starts up within Opera BUT the player screen just turns white. If I pass the stream to the standalone player then it works fine. Any body got any ideas on this?
  10. i had a similar positive experience with Broadcom wifi (notoriously awkward to install in Linux). It worked like a dream using ndiswrapper!! very impressed. Less impressed with the multimedia support - my post about Opera plugins remains unanswered. It's my experience that web-based multimedia plugins are really primitive in linux compared to windows. Anybody want to disprove that with some newbie oriented help?
  11. I'm trying to get realaudio to work in Opera 9.5. Thought someone here said it was already preinstalled. Well, not in my version, it isn't. Read the info at Opera on how to install. pretty unintelligible for a newbie ... anybody able to give me step-by-step help? [moved from MCNLive by spinynorman]
  12. Not sure what I'm doing. I tried to change the screen resolution in KDE but nothing seemed to stick - 1024x768 was the highest I could go. I restarted with ICEWM and found that higher resolutions seem to work. Went back to KDE and the higher resolution seems to have carried over. What is happening? I need very simple newbie level feedback. Thanks.
  13. Oh dear - foiled again! And it was all going so well! Do you have any suggestions on what I could try instead - need usb install AND broadcom ndiswrapper facility - preferably via a graphical wizard or suchlike. cheers
  14. I am so happy! I installed Delft on a usb stick ... then I used ndiswrapper to get my broadcom wifi working ... after a couple of false starts, it all went really well. Amazing ... I've never had wifi success with any other distro (well, except with PuppyLinux). I'm really impressed. However, I'm a total newbie and I will probably need simple tips on how to change some desktop and hardware settings. Hope someone here can help. I'll play a bit more with the install I have and then probably get back to this forum. cheers
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