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  1. I have installed Mandriva 2008.1 (with the simple graphic interphace) using the mini CD, and until now I am occuping about 1.4 GB, so at the moment I still don't need to install the packages elsewhere. However, I cannot figure out how to see the videos. I loaded vlc realplayer and mediaplayer, but when I open the avi files (both in the bbc website and in my computer) I can heard the sound but I see a blue screen. I need some codec? I though I did not for Vlc. Can somebody imagine the reason?
  2. Thank you, but I did'nt found the Linux version, it's only for Windows
  3. Dear Stef, I have a 4 GB CF in the PCMCIA adapter, but unfortunately in the BIOS there is no option to boot form PCMCIA. Do you think I can install the root system in the 2 GB SSD and some program on the PCMCIA? How to do it? :mellow:
  4. Thanks for this suggestion, I am downloading the mini-dual CD now
  5. Dear Stef, thank you for your reply. Your installation is encouraging, but I would like to use ~ 1.5 MB for the operating system, ~200 MB as swap partition, ~300 free for potential additional software. And yes, I meant 2008.1 Thinkpad T40 centrino 1.5, 1gb RAM, Solid State Drive 2GB (I've broken too many hard drives) I would consider linuxos/puppylinux, but I like Mandriva. I used MCNlive on a USB stick up to know, so I would rather install MCNlive if Mandriva is not feasible. Looking at the other posts seems it's possible..... :)
  6. Hello dear Mandriva experts. I would like to install Mandriva One in a small HD with only 2 GB. I know usually at least 4 GB are necessary. There is some way to select witch packages to install? Maybe I can install MCNlive instead? Thank you
  7. BTW, if you have a CF I can send you a PCMCIA adapter. Obviously, take your time!
  8. Looks like you found the solution...I am crossing the fingers! The collaboration between motivated and expert people is the key of the opensource software success, and with your MCNlive you made a wonderful job.
  9. Ok, I got it. Still I don't understand why with toronto I can see the CF partitons without reinsert it.... BTW, is too late to ask you to add mozilla thunderbird and synce to the pilota.iso? Thank you so much!
  10. Hello Chris, I have found this: https://www.agol.dk/elgaard/pcmciaboot/ It can be useful for our purpose?
  11. Thank you very much for this customised version, I really appreciate your kind support. :D Still I don't understand why with toronto I could see the CF partitions without the need to extract-insert it, and with pilota.iso I cannot..... Paolo
  12. No problem at all, thank you for your time! Here the outputs [root@localhost guest]# cat /etc/fstab ### Entries below this line were automatically added by hwdetect v0.5.11-20060911 # ROOT /dev/root / rootfs defaults 0 0 # PROC none /proc proc defaults 0 0 # PTS none /dev/pts devpts mode=0620 0 0 # cdrom: UJDA745 DVD/CDRW /dev/hdc /media/cdrom auto users,exec,ro,noauto,iocharset=utf8,umask=0 0 0 [root@localhost guest]# ls -l /mnt total 0 [root@localhost guest]# ls -l /dev/hd* brw-rw---- 1 guest cdwriter 22, 0 Aug 26 2007 /dev/hdc
  13. When I boot with the default in MCNlive toronto I don´t need to re-insert the CF, that´s the point!
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