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    Thanks! I searched the ubuntu forums and found a thread. I wasn't sure if it would work in mandriva, so I moved on. Now I tried it thanks to your post and it works! I'm off to play speedball... john EDIT Oops, I spoke too soon :P I installed xaw devel and edited uicolor.c. I ran into problems with ./configure checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c checking whether build environment is sane... yes checking for gawk... gawk checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... yes checking build system type... i686-pc-linuxoldld checking host system type... i686-pc-linuxoldld no explicit checking for XFree86 fullscreen requested, disabling fullscreen... using TextField widget. checking for gcc... no checking for cc... no checking for cc... no checking for cl... no configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH See `config.log' for more details. How do I fix this? Also, I noticed that the vice package in the repo lists libopencbm0-0.4.0-1mdv2007.1.i586 as a dependency. If I am installing vice from source, do I still need this package? Thanks. john
  2. I had no choice - I had to install mcnlive on my laptop because mandrive one (kde version) would not boot. I tried the disc on a second computer and it seemed to have problems booting into x. So I verified the md5 sum; when I knew it was ok, I burned another disc (this time at 10x). I got a little further, but it still had problems booting into x. Thus, I installed and use mcnlive. It is one of the few distros that works well on my laptop and sets up my wireless card with ease. I only use the laptop for internet, koffice, printing documents, and playing games (mostly emulators - sega, commodore, etc). If I could install the "real deal" I would. The loss of man pages, manuals, and help files bothers me, but I guess I can use google. Anyway, mcnlive is a good choice for this old laptop. john P.S. I, too, wondered why so many people were anti-livecd only distros. chris:b helped me understand. In fact, some live only distros (wolvix) caution that installing a livecd can be unpredictable.
  3. Hello. I installed and updated mcnlive toronto. Every time I launch mcc, a window pops up and says my floppy drive has just been discovered. Is this a bug? Is there a way to stop it? There is no disc in my drive. Thanks. john
  4. I see. I had a feeling you might say that. I have never installed a distro on a thumb drive, so I didn't know if my suggestion would work. I offered anyway because I thought that I might learn something. One of these days I will need to find some information - not too technical - on the boot process. I would like to learn more. Thanks for the correction/clarification. john
  5. I like the applications that are already available on toronto. Some reviews have complained about opera, but I like the way it handles downloads and bookmarks better than firefox. I like koffice over ooo since it is lighter - not as full-featrued as ooo, but certainly more than gnome office. Overall, a great selection. Here is an idea for an extra application: I see that ksync is included, why not a full palm application? I have been thinking about the ntfs-3g/fuse and perhaps qdvdauthor and dvd::rip, but have not come to any solid conclusions yet. john
  6. Just an idea - don't try it unless chris:b gives approval. If your pendrive is formatted as vfat, then maybe you can use these parameters (edit /etc/fstab) defaults,users,rw,umask=000 I did this on my desktop so linux and winxp could share a partition since ntfs-3g + fuse worked for me in one distro, but not in another. john P.S. Do thumb drives have a limit on the number of times they can be read or written to? Is there a workaround? Thanks.
  7. OU812


    Hello. I have had a few distros installed on this laptop, and every time I install vice from their repos I get an error. So I was hoping that mcnlive would be different. Unfortunately, after installing mcnlive and vice, I got the following error after running x64 from konsole: Any ideas on how to fix this (I looked at the home page, but I didn't find a mandriva package). Thanks. john P.S. I don't know if I should post my questions in the regular forums or the mcnlive forum. I am confused because I just installed mcnlive. What is your opinion, please?
  8. Life is strange, isn't it? I was able to install mcnlive and the mandriva mini-iso on my laptop, but not mandriva one. Like so many other distros (vector, saboyan, dsl, ubuntu) mandriva one stalled shortly after loading the kernel image. No worries. I installed mcnlive and finally updated the installation thanks to your instructions. I even installed dgen, vice, znes, and stella (not in repo, but a mandriva package is available at the home page). This is fun distro and ever since I've been using linux, using computers has been fun (about 3 years now, mostly slackware- and debian-based distros). Thanks. john
  9. You are right - this is a difficult decision. I enjoy using mcnlive, but I think I will install mandriva one and any extra packages that I may need. I am choosing mandriva one because mcnlive is missing help files, man pages, and some documentation; otherwise, it has the applications I need (except maybe a few emulators that are of course available in the repo). Well, thank you and I will report report back later if I have questions. (I have family business to take care of so I don't know when I'll have time.) Thank you for your help and suggestions. john
  10. Thanks. While waiting for your last reply, I decided to install the mini-iso again. Unfortunately, it has no applications - no multimedia, package manager, tools; nothing. So I am reading your reply from mcnlive. I have a decision to make I guess: Do I install mcnlive or do I install mandriva one (also a live/install cd but perhaps closer to a 100% mandriva system). Do you have any suggestions? (I think no matter which one I choose I will need to deal with the repositories as you suggested.) Thanks. john P.S. If you suggest mandriva one, there is also available a kde extras disc. Is really necessary? Thanks.
  11. The only other option I see is "non-free". Here is the requested output: Thanks. john P.S. I know there are no man pages in mcnlive. When I put in the mandriva mini-iso cd, there was an option to upgrade. Do you think it is a good idea to do this?
  12. Yes, I did a regular install using the installer fromt the livedcd. Before installing mcnlive, I installed the mandriva mini-iso (icewm), but it was so limited compared to mcnlive; that's why I chose mcnlive. Also, mcnlive seemed lighter and therefore the better choice for my old laptop. However, after reading the link you provided, I will install the real thing (the mini-iso with icewm and spend a lot of time customizing it) again after I resolve the updating issue. I'm sorry, but I don't understand your post. When I launch the media manager, I have the following boxes checked (these were checked by default): main - the Enabled box is checked main_updates - the Updates box is checked contrib - the Enable box is checked What needs to be changed? Thanks. john
  13. Hello. I just installed mcnlive toronto. I tried to update the installed packages and I got this message I read another post and tried to use the Mandriva Linux Control Center to update the packages, but got an error along the lines of "you already have at least one udpate media configured but all are disabled ..." What do I need to do to get updates? Thanks. john
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