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  1. I installed mandriva on windows PC- uses the mandriva boot loader to select between windows and linux. I mainly use windows- mandriva was just to play around with. I now want to completely remove it from my pc. I think someone said I could just delete the linux partitions- but will that cause issues for windows loading? Any advise out there? [moved from software by arctic]
  2. 1st time I installed Mandriva, all was sweet. Then I tried to backup linux partition from within windows and corupted it. 2nd time install- got error "error setting up inter process comunications for kde. Could not read network connection name/[user].dcopserver_localhost_0. Please check that the dcop server program is running. Tried complete reinstall- same thing again. Anyone that can point me in right direction to fix this.
  3. thanks- much appreciated. I will give it a go! Found my other post- different advise there, but seems this one is the easier route to go.
  4. I installed Mandriva on my windows PC and one of the linux partitions currupted. I now want to reinstall, but don't want to muck up windows. Given mandriva bootloader handles which OS is booted at startup, can I safely delete existing linux partitions and start again without risking issues with loading windows? Any help much appreciated. Right now I have the mandriva bootloader giving me option to boot to linux- which fails, or to windows. I really want to revert to auto boot to windows before deleting the linux partitions and starting the linux install again.
  5. I have installed Mandriva but the partition got corrupted and it won't now run. I was nervous about deleting the linux partions as linux boot loader runs at start up and gives me option to run windows or linux (linux fails currently). I don't want to muck up windows- can I/should I first delete boot loader so PC always boots to windows then delete the linux partitionsa nd reinstall mandriva?
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