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  1. Thaks for the tips, Yes Im using IE6 and I Have been trying to get the installers for the games I mentioned above(i don't know if any linux cds are available for those, but was thinking about buting ut2k3 which has a ut installer on disc three). I just saved the quake2.run file from Dolsons site ( http://pgshopping.com/mdkxp/?c=games ). Your tip seemed to work, Ill try to get the others, burn a disc and let you know tomorrow if this works!!
  2. Ok, here's my problem:slow dial-up Mandrake9.1/winXP dual boot at home, but at work I have high speed, but only WinXP. I've tried to download various L:inux items. Some do ok, but most load a page of text. Is there a way to save these items, are the valid or just the junk they look like? I know that everyone will be saying, get Highspeed at home, but I live in the country and it isn't available. My main reason for this is to get game demos and or full installers for my old games that don't have linux installers included (Q2, Q3, return to castle wolfenstein, etc). Thanks in advance
  3. I'm just wondering if anyone has tired to get any of the ea sports madden series to run on linux? The main game I play in Window is Madden 2k3, if it's possible to run it in linux I see no need to keep my windows partition. This said However I haven't seen anybody saying one way or the other if it works. I'm guessing you have to use wine, but would win4lin work or is winex better? I downloaded wine but haven't had a chance to install (Im still trying to figure out why ut won't run, but thats a different post). Also I downloaded ogle, I had already installed libdidcvss and libdread (or close to that), I installed ogle, and a gui for it, but it's nowhere to be found. If I tried to reinstall I'm told it's already there.
  4. Ok guys, I still need help.Over the weekend, I was able to find a new ut-install-436.run file and I was successful in disabling supermount. Once agian the install seemed smooth but in the end I received the same error. (should I uninstall, and how do you uninstall?) I did some digging around and decided to load all of my libsdl drivers since they mentioned open-gl support. Once agian Im using mandrake 9.1, I have a 1.53gig athalon, 256megs of ram, Nvidia 64meg gforce(Lastest Linux drivers installed and functioning). All I originally set out to do is show a friend that Linux could run ut just as well as Windows, but maybe not 9.1?? Is there something I maybe missing here? a driver, a file, a setting??? I'm a newbie with linux and so far its been a good experience, except for this. I thought about buying ut2k3 but now I wonder if it will run. thanks for the previous help any any other you can give me.
  5. Yes, same result, I tried that after it wouldn't run as user. Last night I switched from KDE to Gnome and Tuxracer ran fine.Which desktop is better for gaming by the way? does it really matter?But I still couldn't run ut. I will reinstall tonight after work. Should I uninstall ut first (and how?) or reinstall over top of it (like you can do in windows).
  6. Yeah a buddy of mine had ut2k3, but sold it on ebay. How do you turn off supermount(I'm a newbie here)? does quake3 or Unreal2 run very well on Mandrake9.1?
  7. No i'm using 9.1 now, i'm was just going to use ut to see how far mandrake has come since 7.2. if the install is corrupt should I reinstall? It took forever to get the cd to mount and install. I dual boot, can I install it in windows and copy any of the files over?is this possible??would it fix this install problem? or should I just pony up the money for ut2k3?
  8. Nvidia- I have the lastest driver working (Tuxracer works, well in root anyways.-if I try to run it as a user it tells me I dont have permission) I had tried mandrake 7.2 when it came out, loaded ut no problem, but it wouldn't run, so this was my way to see if I could now make the switch over to linux, so far I'm happy with how everything else runs(but what do I know Im a newbie!!! :D ) Thanks for the link by the way-it was taking forever at the house to download, maybe i can get the ut2k3 demo to run!!! :lol:
  9. After struggling ot figure out how to get my cd to mount to install unreal tournamnet, i was greeted with the following when I tried to play the game: Unreal engine initialized Bound to SDLDrv.so Joystick [0] : Unknown Joystick SDLClient initialized. Bound to Render.so appError called: fread failed: BufferCount=-56094 Error=1 Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError Executing USDLClient::ShutdownAfterError Signal: SIGIOT [iot trap] Aborting. Exiting. Name subsystem shut down How do I correct this? I need it in newbie style. I just want to see how it runs on linux as I'm starting to convert over from windows. Also can you download the ut2k3 demo for linux on windows? I have a dsl line at work (windows) and dial up at home.
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