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  1. i selected the KDEbase3.1.2rpm & by choosing that it told me i needed another 16 or 17??? rpm's as dependencies, so i let it use them & installed. the install was error free, i lost none of my previous KDE settings, & everything works fine except for this d*mn cdrom/k3b headache. hi ho, hi ho, back to work i go. Chris
  2. everything i look at shows me nothing has changed hardware wise. i've been looking at posts on pclinuxonline forums, & it seems lots of people had the very same problem(s) with this particular rpm, so at least it gives me some small comfort to know that i'm not alone. there was also another anomoly after installing the Texstar rpm. when i rebooted, not only were my cdrom/floppy icons gone, but in there place was an icon for each of my drive partitions (mount points). i removed them through KDE desktop configuration. (that was just a cluttered mess!) i'm gonna try re-running k3b setup (again) when i get a chance. this still doesn't explain to me why that wonderful "supermount" option that everybody seems to love or hate isn't working anymore. my fstab reflects "supermount", my lilo.conf reflects ide-scsi emulation, k3b recognizes the burner when run as root. i even took the precaution of saving my original, known good fstab & lilo files before doing this, & when i compare those to what's there now, they're identical. same with the k3bgroup file. when this happened before, all i did was add "chris" to cdrecord, cdrdao, & mkisofs goups, rebooted, & all was well. this time that don't even work. as i said, i'm at work so i can't post any info & try anything now, & i'll be busy tonight with no time to do it, but tomorrow i'll rerun the k3b setup, & see what happens. :? thanks for putting up with me, Chris
  3. good morning, sorry about the rant, but i was tired & frustrated. i'm at work now & won't be able to screw around with things 'til probably tomorrow night. but, this morning before work i was looking at things & it just doesn't make sense to me. why/how could upgrading to KDE 3.1.2 wreak such havoc on my drives? although i've come a long way with MDK/Linux since that 5th (& final) install a little over a month ago, i'm still very much in a learning curve...........& still trying to learn. if i wasn't coherent last night, currently i have an icon on my desktop for each of these drives......cdrom, cdburner, floppy. i put them there following the Textstar "url link" instructions. after much ballyhoo, they all finally work, inasmuch as i put a media in each device, click on the icon, & file manager opens to that device showing me the contents of the media inserted. i can eject manually with the cdrom & floppy buttons. where i used to have a mount/unmount/eject option with these device icons, i no longer do. it seems they're permanently mounted. if that's the case, that's ok with me. but i wonder why i don't have those options anymore. and, to further confuse me, my k3b no longer lets me burn as user "chris" becuase it doesn't recognize my burner, which is the problem that begat this thread (as if you all don't rememberhttp://mandrakeusers.org/viewtopic.php?t=6...cd93b4f79b9d380so, now i'm stuck with permanently mounted drives & unable to burn as user with k3b & don't know where to go from here. has anybody had similar headaches due to the Texstar KDE 3.1.2rpm upgrade? can this upgrade/package be uninstalled (via MCC remove packages) & will that bring me back to KDE 3.1 with all of my previous settings in tact? or, when/is Texstar going to release a fix/workaround for this? all i wanted to do was burn a cd, but i had to get greedy & upgrade a perfectly good desktop setup. gotta get some work done now. i'll check back from time to time, try any suggestions, post any info you may need tomorrow. (not giving up yet, but still ......... Chris
  4. things really shouldn't have to be this difficult. i need to go to bed. i've been dicking around with cdrom drives & floppy's & supermount & mounting & unmounting & k3b (again) for the past 6 hours.....all because of a supposed upgrade. sorry, but i am less than happy. at this point, my supermount is gone, no matter what i try (MCC mount points, creating new icons & links, editing fstab). i have working icons for all cdroms & floppy now using the Texstar url method, but even that took over an hour 'cause the burner wasn't recognized for some reason. that's finally working now. working, in as much as the cd's & floppys work when inserted, but there's no right click option to mount or unmount them. so, it's like they're supermounted/automounted, but they're not. now, after all the headaches i had with k3b & finally got that working properly, k3b no longer recognizes my burner when i run it as user chris. all permissions are set, all necessary packages are installed & given permission to chris, but it still won't see my burner as chris. i've rebooted more times than i can count. i don't know what else to say right now. if anybody can offer a suggestion, i'll be more than willing to try it. or, if you need me to post file contents, etc, let me know what to post & i will. sorry, but at times like this, i'm still glad i have my Window$ partition intact. good night, Chris
  5. went to that link alreadt........doesn't work (the instructions, that is). i found this link on pclinux http://www.pclinuxonline.com/modules.php?m...560&forum=7 ://http://www.pclinuxonline.com/module...0&forum=7 that only makes it half work. i can't eject my cdrom. it keeps telling me that only root has priveledges to do that, but i can't even eject as root. i can mount & umount my burner, floppy, & cdrom, but i can't eject the cdrom!!! :x any other advice to (at least) get all of my drives usable like they were? me's getting to think this was a bad idea. Chris
  6. i updated the sources..........installed the Textstar KDE 3.1.2base rpm & all dependencies............rebooted...........all seems fine, BUT i have no cdrom, burner, or floppy icons on my desktop!!! saw a thread about the same problem, but there was no solution.....followed Textstars instructions to restore them, but it doesn't work. /etc/fstab hasn't been altered, i checked. (set for supermount.....still is.....all paths are correct.) can anybody offer any suggestions on how to get my drives back & operable? i'll keep plugging along in the mean time. TIA, Chris
  7. how does one go about setting up texstar's repository to install/download the rpm's? can it be done through MCC update/install packages, or does it have to be done via command line from terminal? (i'm at work & not on a MDK machine, so i'll have to play with this tonight) Chris
  8. i keep hearing about "texstar" & his (their?) rpm's. what/who is "texstar"? is there a website for texstar, or are you talking about the pclinuxonline site? if that's the case, there are dozens of KDE related rpm's for MDK, but i don't see any specifically for KDE 3.1.2 desktop OS. could ya kick me in the a$$ & point me to which rpm's i need to get, please? thanks, Chris
  9. (sorry if this has been covered before....i tried searching, but came up with over 1000 results......if it has, please direct me to the relevant post) has anybody downloaded the lastest version of KDE (v. 3.1.2)? if so, is it pretty stable? much improvement over the previous version? pro vs. cons for upgrading? are there, or will there be, any MDK rpm's in the near future for KDE 3.1.2? and, most importantly, does the install keep your previous KDE desktop settings, or does it wipe those settings out so that you have to start from scratch? just wondrin' before i start on an adventure that i may regret, because my current setup of KDE is pretty much tweaked to my satisfaction & running trouble free. TIA, Chris
  10. i use KDE & i've come across the phenomenon of the little white bar..... i've yet to figure out why that happens. it's a very random occurence. one thing i have noticed is that it seems to happen after downloading a MDK update, or installing/uninstalling a package. i've also noticed that it affects Konqueror, but it never affects all menus at once. what i've done to make the menus return to normal is refresh the desktop. sometimes that works. other times, if it's more stubborn, i log off as user, then i log back on & all is well. i think it may be a KDE bug of some sort, since i'm not the only one this happens to. as for screensavers, they should have been installed by default in KDE, if that's what you're looking for (KDE screensavers). actually, there's not that many of them & they're pretty lame. have you opened up KDEControlCenter, looked under "look & feel", & tried to access screensavers from there? that, or right clicking on the desktop & choosing "configure" should get you to them. if you're sure that you don't have them, then have you checked in MCC under add software packages? if they aren't installed (for whatever reason) you should be able to install the packages from there. might i suggest you look into "xscreensavers". there's tons there & a lot better eye candy then KDE screensavers. Chris
  11. thanks Germ! :D now those are some instructions that make sense & that i can understand! (why can't they all be that way?!) i won't have time to do a backup until this weekend, but i have one more question. i have 1 empty & 1 semi empty partiton on my hard drive. since partimage can't burn directly to cd, i know (now) that i can use empty partition space to copy my backup images to. after i do that, i can burn those images to CD, to save drive space, if i want. my question is, can part image restore an image from CD, or must the image be left on a hard drive partition in order for a backup to be installed? (hope it never comes to having to resort to a backup, but ya never know. it would be much easier than starting from scratch!) thanks, Chris
  12. yeah, i'm full of questions this morning (or full of something, others might say :lol: ) right now i am using supermount for my cdrom, burner, & floppy drives. if i right click on any of the desktop icons for them, there's an option to unmount them. but.....when i try to do that, it tells me that only root has that priveledge. is there away for me as user "chris" to mount & unmount these drives using the right click method, or can it only be done via command line? (or, does supermount not allow mounting & unmounting of drives at all?) does it have anything to do with permissions, & (if so) how can i give "chris" permissions to do this? i tried using "Kuser" to give "chris" mounting permissions by creating groups for "mount" & "unmount" (exact wording), then adding "chris" to those groups, but that doesn't seem to work. TIA (as always), Chris
  13. pardon my ignorance (once again), but i checked out the links you supplied & read the "readme" file in partimage, but i'm still confused. what do i need to do to make it run? i burned the .iso image to disc. there's several files & directories on the disc now. one file is a "boot CD img" file. does that mean that i can use the cd i burned as a bootable CD & if so, does the partimage program automatically open at boot up, or is there a command to make it run? also, i'm asuming it doesn't have this feature (like Norton Ghost), but can partimage be used to burn backup images directly to CD (using my burner), or do you have to make the backups to your hard drive & then burn onto CD from there? sorry, but as usual, i have more questions than answers. thanks, Chris
  14. hi all, i'm at a point where my system is running pretty nicely & things are pretty much the way i want them (for now). i want to make a back up of my MDK partition(s). i have Norton Ghost 2000. that works well for Window$ partitions, but it doesn't seem to like some Linux formats (ext3). what would anybody suggest to use, to backup my MDK partitons using the following criteria: 1. easy to install software. (rpm preferred, but .tar, .bin, etc. would be ok if it had easy to understand installation instruction) 2. co$t. (free would be best :D , but i'd be willing to pay a reasonable price for something that would do the job properly) 3. interface. (gui would be ideal for me, since i'm still at the bottom of the command line learning curve, but command line might be ok if the instructions/documentation would be in depth & easy to understand) i burned the partimage .iso that's available in the download section here, but after looking at the documentation, i'm a bit confused on how to use it. it looks very command line based, though it does seem to have a generic (DOS) looking gui. maybe it's because i'm used to the ease of Norton Ghost, i dunno. anywho, any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. if it helps matters, my MDK partitons are thus: / is /dev/hdc7 ext2 1482mb 259mb used /home is /dev/hdc10 ext2 2455mb 146mb used /usr is /dev/hdc9 ext3 5111mb 2228mb used i'll await your wisdom & answers. Chris
  15. her's mine, with MS fonys installed........... Font Path: /home/chris/.kde/share/fonts/override,unix/:-1,/home/chris/.kde/share/fonts hope that helps. Chris
  16. if you searched around, i'm sure you know by now that you're not alone with lack of Linux drivers for that video card. (why, i don't know) the only thing i'd try (suggest) is try some different ATI/Radeon drivers from the MDK packages. MAYBE one of them would be compatable enough to get it working. what have you got to lose? worst case scenerio is, you'd still be stuck where you are. i told you that my EXACT driver match for my ATI card wouldn't work, but another ATI driver did. play around with that, unless somebody has a different work around/suggestion. sorry, but that's the best i can come up with right now. Chris
  17. chris z

    k3b help

    IMPORTANT ADDENDUM just when you thought it was all over........ (actually, NOW it is) i was wrong! when i posted (with glee) about how i had things figured out by adding administrative priviledges, that wasn't the answer, after all. but, i have it now! see, when i thought (the first time) that k3b was working properly for user "chris", it really wasn't 'cause what i was doing was running k3b using the "most frequently used" shortcut in the KDE kicker. the most frequently used shortcut for k3b turned out to be linked to when i was running it as root in terminal. when i tried running k3b in terminal, under chris, i was back to square one........no burner listed! :banghead: so, i started looking through everything.....again. ran setup, several times........again. then, the words of aRTee & hea echoed in my foggy mind about permissions....again...but this time i looked at the cdrecord, cdrdao, & mkisofs permissions. sure as sh*t, user "chris" didn't have permissions for any of those groups. sooo....... i added those three groups in kuser, gave chris permissions for them, saved the profile. fired up k3b as chris in terminal, but still no burner listed!!! didn't panic, though. i thought, let's try rebooting. rebooted, fired up k3b as user chris from terminal...........TADA!!!! i can now say, without a doubt, that k3b works as it should as user chris (supermount still enabled). sooo......to all who care, after configuring k3b make sure your user has permissions to cdrecord, cdrdao, & mkisofs, then reboot for the settings to take effect, & you'll be good to go. now i can put this thread to rest for good. (finally!) Chris
  18. i think your security may be set too high. at the setting you're at, users aren't going to be able to do a lot of things. unless you have some super secret project on your computer that you don't want anybody else to access, i'd start by lowering your security settings. also, if you go to userdrake, select a user & click "edit", you will see 2 columns. permissons that the user has & permissions you can add to that user. add all, or as many as you like. one other place to check user permissins is KUser, if you're using KDE as your desktop. that's in kicker button (bottom left)->configuration->other. you can set things in there, similar to userdrake. sometimes the KUser stuff overrides userdrake (i discovered that with a cdwriter permisson problem i had). setting things at those 2 places & lowering your security should give you all the freedom to navigate that you need. there will still be some things that only root will be allowed to do, but that's the nature of the beast. Chris
  19. my bad.........i do have my refresh rate set to 60hz.........it wouldn't run at 70hz.........but, i have no eye strain or problems with viewing or video........15" monitor here, too. anywho, straying off the original topic now, sorry. Chris
  20. not in front of my Linux machine right now, but (from memory), if you're using KDE desktop, the volume control is for KMix. click on the kicker button in the lower left corner of your screen->multimedia->sound->kmix. set your volumes to what you want, close it. the icon will remain in the taskbar. if you right click the volume control icon, you can configure it, close it, etc. also, in the options of kmix, there's an option to dock the icon (or not) when the app is closed. Chris
  21. sorry to say, you may be in a bit of a bind. here's a link to a Google search for Linux drivers for your card. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-...G=Google+Search it doesn't look too promissing. maybe there's a generic/compatable driver you could use. (anybody else have an idea about that?) like i said earlier, MDK has the EXACT driver for my video card, but i ended up having to use a different driver to get it working. also, did you check the ATI/Radeon web site? http://www.ati.com/ maybe you could get some info there. Chris
  22. chris z

    k3b help

    I DID IT!!!! I DID IT!!!! I DID IT!!!! :mystilol: CAN I GET WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! ok, ok.......i'm gathering my composure now. after having this bug me all day long (i even left work early so i could work on this), the more i thought about it, the more i thought that the reason k3b was not being able to read my burner as "chris" had to have something to do with permissions & user rights. aRTee sorta confirmed that for me, because he was right. why could i burn as root, but not as chris? if it was an scsi/ide problem, then i wouldn't be able to burn, no matter who i was logged in as, correct? anywho, hea gave me a clue too..... hea says since i'm the only user on this computer, i have chris set up for administrative rights. i know i have cdwriter rights in userdrake. we've been through that. BUT.......... i never checked KDE user manager. i was confused at first, 'cause that also said chris had cdwriter rights. BUT...... the administrator thing hit me in the head like a brick. i checked under "groups" for cdwriter rights, & sure as sh*t, administrator was unchecked. i put a check in there, saved the user profile, crossed my fingers, toes, & anything else i could cross, fired up k3b as chris, & lo & m*therf***king behold!!!!......i can burn! i can burn!!!!! sheesh......what a run around, huh? right now i'd like to thank the Academy, & everybody that offered their help, advice, & encouragement. if anybody is having similar problems with k3b, please try what i tried, if the situation applies. might i also note, that i'm still able to use k3b with supermount enabled. the key to that was setting up k3b with the drives unmounted, running it, then re-enabling supermount. (i think) man, i'm almost sad to see this thread end, but at least it's a happy ending. just a thought, but maybe this whole saga could be condensed into some kind of "how to" or "tips & tricks", so nobody else has to go through what i (what we all) just went through. thanks a million to all of you, again. now...........what else can i screw up......hmmmm. Chris
  23. i realize i'm a NOOb, but i had the exact same problem when i first installed MDK. (booted up, set up desktop, mail info, started to load, got the gear icon, then poof......blue screen with the timer/mouse icon going in an endless loop & the desktop (KDE) never loads) it turned out to be a monitor/video card problem. i have a ATI RagePro Mach64 card. there's drivers for that model listed in the MDK setup, so i chose those during MDK setup. it turned out that i needed to use ATI Rage Pro (Utah) drivers. also, i had to reset my refresh rate down from 60hz to 56hz & my resolution from 1024x768 to 800x600. after doing that, it booted into the desktop. to check that, after i was able to get to KDE, i used MCC & tried resetting the refresh rate & resolution. each time i did that, i got the same blue screen when booting. for some reason MDK wouldn't let me use those settings, even though they work fine under Window$. so, have you tried resetting any of those things yet? Chris
  24. chris z

    k3b help

    ok.......i won't do anything to my lilo.conf when i get home tonight. i'll post the contents of that file & somebody can check it out & tell me if anything is screwy or not. see, when i looked at that file, i could swear that it was already using scsi emulation. but, i could be wrong. since i don't have it in front of me, i'm not sure. something is telling me that the reason i can't burn as user "chris" is because of rights to cdwriter being screwed up somehow. in which case, i don't know how that could be 'cause (as you can read in an earlier post) i have all the rights set up correctly. what if i ran k3b setup (again!!! :banghead: ) & at the end, instead of adding chris as a user for cdwriter, leave that blank, then manually go to user drake & add me from there? could k3b not be adding burning rights to chris properly? (he wonders.....) ok, gotta get some work done. i'll be bugging you great people (again) tonight at some point. Chris
  25. chris z

    k3b help

    it's me again.......(MUUUAHAHAHAHA!) i still haven't had time to edit/append the lilo file for scsi emulation. gonna try that tonight. but, i've been thinking (that usually means trouble) & something is confusing me (again). if scsi emulation is the culprit, why does k3b read my burner when i run it as root, even though i don't have scsi emulation activated? i mean, it's still ide as root, right? or, when you run things as root, does that somehow change the way the drives are set up? just wondrin'. (oh....i see i've made post of the week! Chris
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