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  1. I look in my download folder this is the folder I chose on the firefox preferences.. you know how it says "clear from list" in the download window..well this option never comes up... but I reinstalled since then and the problem went away... at that time I didn't know where the apps where installed so I did not/could not read the readme file. I don't know how to create a link from my desktop but i'm sure I can look for this topic here or on google and find the how to... Yes my system was fully updated
  2. i did try fsck and it did not fix the problem and I have no idea how to mount a HD without a GUI. Guess I'll save my self some trouble if I just re-install... thx for your help
  3. I don't think mandriva should sort out where everything goes, I just didn't know where they went, when I managed to install Java and limewire I didn't see where they got installed but now I know they are in the /usr/ folder. I'd rather stick with OS X :-) I don't like windows this is why I'm installing Linux(on my parent's PC anyway) I'm not having much succes but I haven't given up yet... You are most likely right and I hope to learn Linux with the help of this forum and all the other source on the weeb... thx WOW...this is to much for me (sourcecode, gcc, a couple of devel libraries installed) gee I just installed my 1st linux last week haha If I don have any succes with Mandriva....today, I'll try LFS... thank you SIR ! :-)
  4. Ok, after trying to xfer files from my win box to my linux box Mandriva will not boot properly, now I don't mind re-installing but I'd like to retreive a file from my HD (my instructions on how I managed to install Java and LimeWire) I'm now booted from the Mandriva ONE CD how can I access this file.... While I am waiting for a reply I will reboot my system and get more information about the error I get at boot up maybe it a simple fix... ok here it is : (pls keep in mind that some parts are translated from French) Your system has quite unexpecteldy press 0 before x.....to fix the problem.. Root file verification /dev/hda1 : clean 102336/768544 files, 478157/1534199 blocks remounting root files ..................ok swap partition activation.............ok file system verification................ok fsck.ext3could this be a zero-lenght partition ? : Attemps to read block from file system resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/hda6 the file system is corrupted, do you wish to fix it y/n Warning : you could lose some files.
  5. Will do, but now after getting Java and Limewire installed I tried to xfer files from my win box to my lnx box, after the xfer was done I got this error message saying cannot write to "new folder" (the one I was xfering from my PC), I rebooted and..well I can't get to the gui anymore...I'll post this in a new post with more details of what the error is...
  6. ok but what if they're (firefox- for example... Do I have to use the console, when I try to move a file using the GUI it tell's me I don't have permission... I can use the console but my parents won't know how... All I can see in my /mnt folder is my cd-rom and my floppy... hmmm after formating it do I need to Mount it somehow ?
  7. I'd like to installe files where they (should) go but I can't seem ti find the correct folder... you can probably install them in any folder but I like my SW ordanized so I don't spend hours looking for files. I can't see my 2nd HD it the file browser ? I did format it with the gui disk utility...
  8. Well I didn't figure out how to install the newest firefox yet but I went on aonther web site and I still can't dl anything..I don't know why dl'ing firefox worked though...
  9. Ok I downloaded firefox I extracted it in my applications folder..then what ? On the mozilla web site all they say is : Linux/GTK2 Extract the tarball in the directory where you want to install Firefox: tar -xzvf firefox- This will create a firefox subdirectory of that directory. thx for your help...
  10. I am using Firefox, the one that comes with that distro. the latest linux mandriva 10.1 I think. I Dl'ed it this week I got it from mandriva.com I just tried something: I can fully dl a file with konqueror To me it looks like the files dont get xfered from the incomplete folder to the downloads folder using firefox, but I could be wrong I just dl'ed th latest firefox...with firefox...ha and it worked..I'll try dling more files after installing the latest firefox and post my results here
  11. I am having problems completing my file downloads unsig the default web browser, i can dl the file fine but it gets to 100% but never actually finished downloading... I can dl files using LimeWire though.... and I also "repaired" the installation to no avail... At login I did get the error "The protocole that handles File(s) has quit unexpectedly" (sorry this is translated from french from memory so it might not 100% accurate)
  12. I chose the generic Gforce 4 and it worked...thx for your help hope my parents like Mandriva :-) thx again
  13. thx it got me a little farther :-) I am now getting the following error : data incomplete in file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" FYI : @ installation I did not see my gfx card in the list I chose the only Asus AGP there was...
  14. I am trying to install Mandriva 10, I don't think I'm having any problems in the GUI installer but it's when I reboot, LILO does not seem to start (to my understanding) I do boot in linux but I get a dos like screen where it says : localhost login : password I can login but then what ? If I do LS all I have is a tmp folder AMD 1.1Mhz K7T turbo 30Gig maxtor 512Meg Asus AGP 8170v magic
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