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  1. First, I am new to Linux, and I actually figured something out, so I thought I'd share it w/ everyone in case they would like to do the same. Recently a lot of ISPs started blocking port 6881 (maybe not block, but severely limit it) as they knew that this was the main Bittorrent port. If you have installed the Bittorrent client w/ 10.0 then your default port is 6881. It's an easy switch. first goto file:/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/BitTorrent find the file named download.py open it up, and search for "6881" (shouldn't be too far down) it will be on a line that looks like this The bottom number may not be correct, as this is already overwritten on my side. then change the 6881 to any new port that you want. I made mine 49153. same on the bottom, mine is 49163. you can try to save this file, but it wouldn't give me permission to, and as I am new I don't know a way around this. If it won't let you, no big deal. save it to your desktop or your /home directory. open up a terminal. I used su i don't know if you need to to overwrite files in that particular dir. so.. it'll ask if you're sure, say yes. Go download a torrent just to make sure it works, and it might even be a little faster. I am new, so if you know any tricks or something I could have done to make this faster; or just any comments they are greatly appreciated. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  2. wow thanks for the info http://lists.crypto.co.za/pipermail/lead/2...ber/000012.html turns out im unaffected, and i'll have 9.2 up tonight :)
  3. When i looked into 9.2 i found i had to update my firmware for my Lg CED 8120B cd-rw drive. When i download the firmware the readme says I have an IBM netvista 6833-25u and ive looked on ibm's site for the firware upgrade, but couldn't find any information. So I was wondering if this is just LG covering themselves in case it doesn't work, or if I could really mess up my drive? Figurued this would be the best place to ask. Thanks for any info
  4. thanks for all your help. i got it all configured on hda and it defaults into windows now tried and tested and it works for mdk and win. so, thanks again ~Dave
  5. thanks for the info now that i have it on floppy, is there a way to get it on the h.d ? or do i need to reinstall ?
  6. i have mdk 9.1 set up to boot on a floppy (lilo), and seeing as i am new to linux, i would really like to have my computer boot right into windows, unless the floppy is in the drive. instead, if i dont put the bootdisk in the drive, it hangs, and just keeps repeating "99 99 99 99" is there anyway to have it boot into xp unless i put the bootdisk in, then it could load lilo. thanks for your help
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