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KDE4 activities


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I'm using KDE 3.5 on the main system (well, my wife uses it) - no way to move to KDE4 until each virtual desktop can have its own background.


So I tried 2010.0 beta, and Lo and behold, individual images per virtual desktop.

Lots of other interesting things, and: normally no icons. Contrary to most, I find this worthy of a "Hooray!"


One thing has me puzzled though: the zoom out and multiple activities functionality.


I've searched the web, read lots of things about it, such as this:http://temporaryland.wordpress.com/2009/07/23/my-kde-4-x-desktop-activities-tutorial/ and from kde: http://userbase.kde.org/Plasma...


From the latter:

A user likes web comics so they add their favorite web comics via the comics widget. The user now has a full desktop activity dedicated to their favorite web comics. Now the user is happy with the web comics, but the user now has to go to work, so the user creates a activity with the folder view widgets set to the folders of the projects the user is currently working on. After work the user goes home and works on a side project of writing romance novels. The user always gains inspiration by looking at pictures of the user's significant other. The user now creates a new Activity but now puts pictures frame widgets with pictures of the user's significant other. The user also has a folder view of the romance novel project folder. Now no matter what the user is doing the user has a custom tailored activity to match it.


Well, that's fine and dandy, but I did that with regular virtual desktops (workspaces, whatever you call it) back in 1992. Minus the widgets, because in those days on HP-VUE UNIX there were none.

Anyway, with KDE 4.3 without using activities, just multiple desktops, I get exactly that.

With KDE 3.5 I can also get exactly that.


So is there anyone who can tell me what these activities are good for that I can't just do with a (extra) virtual desktop?

Because I'm just not getting it...

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I've been using compiz-fusion on kde 4.x on Mandriva 2009.1 with 9 virtual double-wide (dual monitors) desktops with each having its own different background. I think there was supposed to be some kind of conflict with using icons on the desktop though, but I have never had any icons on my desktop so it was no bother.


I don't use any of the kde 4 features though. The more it starts to look like 3.5 the better it seems to get.

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I think I'm slowly starting to get the activies' purpose.. and why I didn't get it nor need it...


I guess it's for people who are using plasmoids / widgets heavily. I only use gkrellm since I never found a good substitute, and otherwise the panel (clock / calendar).

But people who need more space for widgets need these activity plains, I think if you use various programs (in windowed form), you need multiple desktops, or at least get benefit of that.

If you use many many widgets, it is nice to have more space for them, and activities can do that.



So: multiple desktops for multiple windowed apps, multiple activities for multiple widget collections.



If anyone has another point for this, I'm all ears...

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