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3D games display severe artifacts

Just John

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Title pretty much sums it up. Compiz works fine, 2D games work fine, 3D games have what looks like severe clipping and redraw problems. A couple black screen crashes as well (in games), and occasional crashes as the background is dimming on the restart screen (don't know if that one is related). I have 2008.1 installed with all the updates run (except 2009 obviously - don't have the bandwidth). Any ideas? What should I try?

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It's in the subtitle of the thread ;)


Aye, I'll be sure to include precautionary redundancies next time. ;)


Just John - do you know if you are using the proprietary drivers or the drivers included with xorg?


Proprietary. (Mandriva 2008.1 installs them by default, and I've run the updates so I assume they should be latest version and such as well.)





Looks like I've got the following driver packages:


x11-driver-video-fglrx 8.471

fglrx-kernel-desktop586-latest 8.471

fglrx-kernel- 8.471

fglrx-kernel- 8.471


As a side note I'm not sure what the default kernel for 2008.1 was but and became boot options after I updated, and I'm about to switch to desktop-latest to enable my RAM.

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