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loopfs umount errors while reboot/shutdown

Guest FlintH

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Guest FlintH

Hi all.


First at all - sorry for my english, it's the first time i write on english-speaking forums.


I use MCNLive Toronto on USB flash in persistent mode, loop file is 2Gb.


Last time i have an error when shutdown/reboot system like this:


/etc/rc6.d/S01reboot: line 18 /dev/loop0 - permission denied

cannot umount /dev/loop0 - device is busy


it repeats some times about loop1 than about loop0, after all unmount does and system restarts.


What is this? I can't understand if problem is an attempt to unmount a loop while some process read/write to it or, really, problem is in permissions? But /etc/rc6.d/S01reboot is a symlink to /etc/init.d/halt which is executed under root, isn't it?


Maybe some people had the same problem and have a solution?


UPD: Sorry, no one has a similar problem or my english is too bad?

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