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dual monitor, keyboard and mouse on same cpu


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ok, I have made a search here and topic found is related to dual monitor setup. Now, I may want to ask if anyone from here have tried setting up Mandriva or on other Linux Distro a setup that uses multiple monitor (depends on how may vga available), multiple separate keyboard and mouse, on a single CPU and simultaneous multi user environment. So users can login simultaneously and not affecting each others I/O device and Display.


In short, it converts a single cpu to multiple workstation.


We have here a current setup, on windows, there is a third party software though that controls the usb device and the display which allows 5 separate users to use the PC like they have their own CPU.


Brief details on specs.


1. usb device, you can connect here the ps2 mouse and k-board.

2. dual head VGA card to have multiple monitors.


Is there a way it can be done in Linux?



I'll appreciate any inputs.



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