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Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring released


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Mandriva launches Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring, its new mobile desktop


Paris, 10 June 2008 - Mandriva today announces the launch of the Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring, the new product in the popular Mandriva Flash family. Take your entire desktop with you wherever you go! Mandriva Flash is a USB key containing a complete, bootable version of the Mandriva Linux distribution, letting you boot straight into your own Linux desktop on almost any computer, with no installation or alteration of the host system required. Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring offers 8GB of space which you can organise as you like, prioritizing space for more system files or for your personal data and documents.


Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring is based on the new release of Mandriva Linux. It doubles the capacity of the key from 4GB for the previous version to 8GB, and comes in an attractive white casing. Flash 2008 Spring's new installation feature lets you install Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring permanently onto any system with just a few clicks.


This new version of Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring comes with a migration tool enabling you to import Windows settings and documents. It also supports reading and writing to NTFS file systems. Mandriva Flash includes all the software and features you'd expect from a conventional distribution, including Mandriva's famous configuration tools and 3D desktop support. You'll also find Sun Java, Adobe Flash, RealPlayer, Skype, and Codeina multimedia codecs, making your online and multimedia experience richer than ever.


Owners of an older Mandriva Flash will soon be able to upgrade their Flash to 2008 Spring free of charge. An email will soon be sent to previous Flash purchasers containing instructions to download an upgrade image which upgrades Mandriva Flash 2008 to Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring. Owners of Mandriva Flash 2007 were previously given access to an upgrade image which upgrades Mandriva Flash 2007 to Mandriva Flash 2008, so there is an upgrade path all the way from 2007 to 2008 Spring.


Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring is available in several languages. The new 8GB Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring is available now from the Mandriva Store for 59 Euros or US$69, with free international shipping.

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