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Counter Strike 1.6 with Cedega

Guest MSux

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Hello folks,


I'm quite new to linux and i use Mandriva 2008 PowerPack. I installed counter strike 1.6 with cedega, i can play it but it has low graphical performance, like it has low fps. In a way it doesn't since i saw with netgraph it returns 60 fps or so.


Can it be a hardware problem or insufficiency? I use it on a Sony Vaio SZ 4 laptop with a core 2 duo t7200, geforce go 7400 gpu, 2 gigs of ram. I know it should run better since i the laptop came with windows and counter strike ran with no problem on windows. So i suspect it may be a configuration issue.


Here is a snapshot of the cedega graphics config:



Am i doing something wrong?


LE: I forgot to say that i also use Compiz Fusion (if this counts anyway)!

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Welcome to the board :)


I'm a little confused - could you please be clearer on what exactly the problem is? 60 FPS is really good, especially considering your hardware. Is the game jerky? Or unresponsive? Are you seeing tearing or other graphic problems?


What driver are you using for your graphics card?

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Firs of all thank you for the welcome!


Yes, the game is jerky, as if it has only 10 fps or so.


I think the driver i use is:


nvidia-current-kernel- version:100.14.19-1mdv2008.0


I also thought of a driver update for the graphics card but i didn't find anything new in mcc regarding this. Also on nvidia website support i can't find drivers for my Geforce Go 7400.


Is there a Cedega test to be sure anything is ok?! (excluding the built-in tests) Or a game to install that acts as a benchmark maybe?



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