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VOTE - Proposal for Board Development

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Please review the discussion here.


This poll will run until GMT 17:30 on April 7th, 2003 and follows standard polling guidelines.


Vote Yes to accept this new proposal.

Vote No to deny it.



Proposal for board development:


Summary of proposal:


1. Group of board developers with latitude for making changes.

2. Forum or board for initial discussino of changes, feedback of changes.

3. Poll will be used to remove undesired features.



1. Initial group of board developers (Aru, Paul, Anon, Cannonfodder) will be responsible for developing the board, adding features, organizing other member skills to participate. Developers will bring in other members to work on projects. This will not be a closed group other than we are initially starting with 4 individuals.


2. A forum or board for development. This forum or board can be open to viewers but also contain some hidden areas for developers to share code that might be sensitive. I would like the board members (in general) to be able to see what is being worked on. Never know someone will speak up with a better idea.


3. Mandrake board members (in general) can offer input in terms of opinions, discussions and polls. A poll will not be required to keep a feature, but can be used to remove it. The idea here is we do not poll every little feature, but only what they don't like. Development however should listen if board members are objecting to an idea or allow board members to view a feature without making the change permanent.


In this sense a forum could be added without a poll, but a poll can be used to remove the forum. This should allow for more rapid development.

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Poll has completed:


Yes  95% [ 21 ]

No  4% [ 1 ]


Total Votes : 22


Number of votes required to win: int(22 * (2/3)) = 14

Winner is "Yes"

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