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firefox preferences ? [Solved]

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bokmarks, preferences, themes, extns and even some plugins are installed under user's home directory, in .mozilla sub-directory, independent of the location of firefox executable which you are trying to install.


The only thng to look at is that when uprading from a very old version, there might be compatibility problems I am not sure which, as I upgraded from 1.0 to 1.5 without those. But you might have seen advice to rename .mozilla to .mozilla-old in some threads here. If the user has to rename his .mozilla forder, then they have to impot bookmarks and re-install themes/extensions/plugins.


Stil, location and contents of bookarks for a user is not affected by the location of firefox executable file, whether it is /usr/bin or /usr/local or even /the/very/nice/unknown/location

Thanks for that uralmasha,


I've managed to suss it out, mainly because of coverups last post - It was the bit about symlinking the script to /usr/local/bin and the like.


I've done that now and tested it, and it works great. Ha! it even looks like I've managed to make the little bugger open it's tabs in a new window so that I still have the main link open in the first tab - which will save a massive amount of confusion on my part when "digging" or "slashdotting" :D





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