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Is there some way of manipulating about:config so that the web page being downloaded does not appear until everything is loaded? By this I mean the screen staying blank until all the info from the address is downloaded, and then suddenly appearing as the webpage once it's ready?


I want to try it out to see if the experience is worthwhile.


And if I open 4-5 tabs at once ("Open all tabs") is it possible to change the downloading so that one page is downloaded at a time? BY this I mean 5 tabs open, tab 1 finishes downloading and then tab 2 starts downloading, and when it finishes tab 3 starts downloading, etc?


I use 1.0.2. I'll upgrade to the latest when I work out how.

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Your suggestion is wonderful. I've been playing around with the timing and worked out that a figure of around 60000 is the best! It means that whenever I go to a large website the screen remains blank until the page is fully downloaded. The good thing is that when the entire page has been downloaded, firefox automatically assumes you want to see it, which means I don't have to wait ages for smaller pages to download.


It works well. I'll keep tinkering. Thanks for your help.

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