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buffer a line into terminal and allow editing

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I am writing a script which will allow people to view a wide record in Unix. basically it takes in a file of 4000 ytes long and lets you view sections of the file, 1st 100 bytes and 20 lines and then using vi like commands l goes left k goes down etc etc.


All this works fine and i have a way of editing the line using awk and sed etc. what i need though is a way for a user to type in they want to edit line 60 at the current position, and then in the edit part of the terminal get the following:


line 60 Pos 34-134:

USERNAME textplacedhereforediting


Then from this they should be able to edit that line (the USER* one ) and the terminal would then lead read capture it and allow it to be saved. (again i hope this makes sense).

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