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Installing windows 95 with no floppy drive

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I have been looking for the solution for this everywhere. I wanted to play a few old dos games and i have never been able to understand or get dosemu working so i thought id try installing windows 95 on a virtual machine and playing this one parrticular game in there.


However my install cd is not bootable, and i have no floppy drive to create a windows 95 boot diskette. Therefore im asking how can i get this working as i want to play a few of my old games.


I know vmware can emulate a floppy image however i cant find a floppy image of a boot disk anywhere.

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Well, I don't know about the whole windows 95 install thing, but have you checked out DosBox?


I did have a go with dosbox however it doesnt seem to load the game i just get a black screen, in the supported list this game it has a supported level of runable but the bar is low some im guessing support is not there for this game. I may go back and try.


Update on the windows 95 i have now got windows 95 installed hjowever it does not detect my soundcard ive tried ionstalling windows 95 drivers and it still does not work. I know this is the wrong forum to ask as it is a linux forum and not windows but does anyone have any ideas

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I made a win95 boot floppy image for you from bootdisk.com. There were two versions of the win95 boot floppy listed so I hope I got the right one. Just downloaded the exec file, which made the boot floppy when executed in windows. Then I took the boot floppy and made and image file of it linux with:


# dd if=/dev/fd0 of=win95_boot.img bs=1k count=1440


PM me with your email address and I'll send it to you as the board rules do not allow me to upload it here.

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My advice to you is to first install the DOSEmu RPM, then install XDOSEmu RPM. Make sure the DOSEmu and XDOSEmu versions are identical though. Get DOSEmu with the Freedos as well.

I myself am a big DOS user; running XDOSEmu simplifies the process of running DOS applications in that it's basically a XWindow component of DOSEmu.

Both of these RPMs can be found at big RPM sites such as rpmseek, rpmfind, and rpm.pbone.

A little advice to get you started. The D: drive is set to your home ~/ directory, so I'd run my games from the D: drive. You should probably set the speed variable in DOSEmu a lil higher than it normally is to be able to play some later DOS games. I set mine like this

D:\>  speed 25

You can also maximize the X-Window by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F. Good luck.

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