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Fedora Core 3 install

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I try to install FC3, and I boot from the iso DVD.

It asks me language, and keyboard. So far no problem.

Then it asks me where the packages are to install. I say CDROM, but then it says it can't find the cdrom.

I only have one cd/dvd drive, so it's the right one.

How can i fix this?


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The packages must be installed TO your hard-drive, not TO your cd-rom drive.


Unless you meant where they should be installed FROM, which I doubt ;)


it asks where it can find the files, and then the answer is: the cdrom station.

Other options are

hard disk, ftp and http, so I don't think they mean: where to store the files.

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Are you positive this is Fedora Core 3??? I've installed a lot of Fedora box's and it should never ask what you are saying. After language and keyboard, it goes right to what kind of install you want:


Personal Desktop




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