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installing from a non-ISO disk


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Hey, my friend's got some mandrake disks that he says weren't burned from an ISO and aren't bootable, and when he tries to boot via floppy it says they aren't mandrake disks. Any way he can install from these?


oh, the comp currently has installed DSL (Damn Small Linux), if that'll help any...and he has dial-up so he can't exactly DL the ISOs...

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the problem is that it took him...I think a day or two just to get the distro he has now...which is one of those business-card CD distros...it'd take him a month or two to get the ISO.

I came up with a possible solution last night that I'm going to try to guide him through...I'm thinking if he makes a floppy with the network installer image, and copies all the files to another comp or something, he can install from there...but he can't find a working floppy...lol

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