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How to burn mandrake 10.1 ISO and install.


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So I am trying to install mandrake linux 10.1 on my new PC. This was a downloaded version. I have a copy of 8.2 but the drivers are too old :furious3: and it completly wont work.


Ok so my problem is when i burn the cd, all I get is a flashing underscore on the top left corner.


I need help burning it with nero. I am burning it as a boot cd with the boot image as cdrom.img. I use ISO cracker to turn the ISO into useful stuff.


I will hapilly redownload the file if needed, since the 3 ISO's were on their a week ago, and not on the offical mandrake site anymore. Also i don't know how to run md5checksum in winblows.


Feel free to write this in HTML, or I can rewrite this in HTML and put it on my (linux) server.




Love your spell check and smilies, spell check would help me at some forums :joker:


EDOT: Im smart enough i did try the search feature first btw.

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doing md5sums is explained here for windows.


as far as burning the cd's, you shouldn't need the cdrom.img image. all you need is to burn the 3 ISO's to a CD via nero's "burn image" option (i don't remember where that's at exactly) and you should be able to boot with the first CD. don't break the ISO's down with a cracker, just use burn image and nero should take care of the rest.


here's a good explanation of what i'm talking about:


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why don't you tell us what OS you are working with first..? Also, just bought a linux mag (at borders) that has Mandrake 10.1 bundled (about 15 bucks)


It says mandrake in the title :P


Well thanks though, but it's working now

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