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check out athcool

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I tried the suggested line for KT266 "setpci -H1 -s 0:0.0 92=EB >/dev/null 2>&1" on my KT266A based board and didn't see any difference (XP2100+ Throughbred OC'd to 2700+ idles around 45C either way)


Do I need to do this as root? (can't remember if I was root or not but didn't get an error message).


Where do the original lines come from so that I can see if it should be different on a KT266A (which runs at 333MHz)


Even though I don't have a cooling problem, I'd rather have the machien idle lower since it's on 24/7 but idle a lot of the time and under light load most of the rest of the time.




EDIT: I downloaded the latest athcools (0.3.8) and after installing pciutils-dev I was able to build it.

It must be doing more than the single line above because it has some effect and the temperature dropped by about 10C when idle, nice!.

Too early to tell stability-wise, but sound seems OK, at leat in UT2004.

I copied the script posted above to /etc/rc.d/init.d then did a chkconfig --add athcool to create the simlinks automatically...

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