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Which Mandriva version?

Guest waterwheel

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Guest waterwheel

I'm looking to upgrade the version of Mandriva on my web server and I'm more confused than ever as to what version I should have. I don't necessarily want the free version, I want a paid version (even though I know the free version will work).


Here's part of my confusion. Seems like I should just sign up for 3 years of powerpack subscription? Then download the 2011 PWP and I should have updates for three years? But on the site, there's a free version of 2011 but the PWP version is 2010.2.


Perhaps I'm overthinking this. I do know my mandriva 2009 isn't updating anymore so I need to move ahead somehow :).


Also, am I correct in that I don't need their enterprise version? That's for corporate environments, not someone like me running it on one webserver and a couple of desktops?

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