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  1. Hello again!


    I'm trying to play back some .AVI files from a Flip Video camera. Wheni open it up in either gxine or KMPlayer, i get a blue-gird like thing over (lots of little dots). Anyone have the same issue.


    BTW = the same thing happens with other file formats; and it pretty much appears every time I open up one of these players.



  2. Hey, guys! I'm suing Pendrivelinux as my main system, and I need to compose some music. I need to know if there's any program like FL Studio (hopefully smaller) (and free) for Mandriva/MCNLive?


    Any ideas?


    PS it would be great if it's packaged as RPM. I'm not great with the command line or with tarballs. SO not with tarballs.

  3. Hello, all!


    THanks for the replies. I have tried Nexus' "auto orphans", and in Pendrivelinux 2008 (the remaster of MCNLive im working with) it didn't work; it wasnt' a vlid command.


    Now I will be using the terminal to fix this issue, but is there any graphical utility I can use? Maybe an updated edition of rpmdrake or something?



  4. Helloo, all! Brand new to the MCNLive forum, but not brandnew to the system. Glad to see the forum has been implemented! Too bad, though, that Chris has left us...


    Anyway, I'm using Pendrivelinux 2008 with persisten changes on a 4G iPod. I've installed lots of stuff, and now I only have like 50~40MB left. I want to remove apps, but their dependencies won't go away with them.


    Any ideas?





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