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  1. This is probably out of left field given I haven't posted here in a while, and this forum is not as active as it was back in the day, but for anyone who is still around:


    Any of the old heads around here will likely remember that I was a fan of Arch Linux when it first started. However, I've watched the Arch community over the past few years and it's turned into a bunch of unhelpful pricks, with standard "RTFM" replies. As such, I can no longer recommend it. I've watched time and time again as people ask rather simple questions, stating they tried to figure it out on their own and couldn't understand what they need to do, only to be linked to the same wiki page they already read and didn't comprehend.


    This is the antithesis of what we need in the Linux world today, which is a more helpful community willing to walk people through the steps they need to take. Much like the attitude we've had on these forums. If you, or anyone you know, is looking for a new distro, I recommend steering clear of Arch. There are better options with more helpful communities.


    Support distros that support their users.


    Can a mod or admin move this to Everything Linux? I accidentally posted to the wrong forum. Thanks!

  2. Well I was being sincere. There have been issues in the past between Ixthusdan and this board but I felt his comments on this thread were well intentioned.

    My comment wasn't directed at you and/or Ix, it was just a joke that popped into my head as I was reading through the thread.

  3. You are right, but that's sort of the problem. Because they patented the GUI end, which then calls the underlying code, they could potentially use the patent against others who have a similar GUI device - think gksudo or ksudo or whatever they're called, the GUI front-ends to sudo for GNOME and KDE. Although the underlying code is likely different, what the viewer sees is arguably similar.

  4. Widescreen may take away some vertical space but it adds a good bit horizontally. Scrolling vertically is common anyways, even on 4:3 monitors - however, more horizontal space gives more room to run several applications side-by-side (and horizontal scrolling is less natural). That is why I personally prefer widescreen - I've never missed the extra vertical pixels, even when working with images or writing code.


    As far as the topic...I find the Thinkpads to be pretty nice, as long as you don't buy one of the really cheap models. They're a bit flimsy.

  5. The discussion regarding using the term "America" to mean "The United States of America" has been done to death.


    Get over it. As long as you know what it's referring to, who cares? And obviously all of you do, otherwise you wouldn't have said anything.

  6. This story is one of the most read and talked about Linux news stories of the day, but here on mandrivausers no one seems to take notice...
    What's there to say? "Awesome!"?


    It's even causing a offended reaction among snobbish Apple fanbois... ;)
    Must be some dumb Apple fanboys then:

    1 - Most people who buy Apple buy directly from Apple, not through a third party like Amazon.

    2 - The Apple laptops are significantly more expensive, which obviously will cause them to have less sales then less expensive laptops.


    This only reflects sales on Amazon.de, it's not really a good metric for determining anything beyond that - i.e. that they're the "Bestsellers in Germany", as the title of this thread reads. Or even that it's a sign that Microsofts "stranglehold" is declining, for that matter.

  7. It'd be better to just dump a load of investment into wine to get all apps to work under that - job done.
    WINE probably won't ever be able to run any and all Windows applications - for one reason alone, not all API calls in Windows have a equivalent in Linux that WINE can translate the call to. By building an OS specifically for this purpose, you can ensure all calls have an equivalent.

  8. I continue to be skeptical of cloud computing.


    My main concern is security - not privacy, like arctic is discussing, but simple data security. While more computer-savvy persons understand the inherit insecurity in storing sensitive data on something like Google Docs or similar, many people don't realize that - once they save the file to Googles servers - it's up there, 24/7/365, and if someone were to hack Google's servers, your sensitive data could quickly be in someone else's hands. Storing the data on your computer lowers it's overall visibility on the net, as well as the fact that (save for some of us geeks who never turn off our comps ;) ) it won't be available on some server out there, 24/7/365.


    Personally, if this is nothing more than an OS with Google App's integrated as if they were real Desktop applications, I worry that it will give people a false sense of security in their data, thinking it is stored locally, when it may in fact still be on Google's servers.

  9. Besides, you should care what you write about somebody you do not know anything about.

    Stop building your opinion on assumptions without knowing anything.

    You should apply your own advice to your criticism of Mandriva and it's employees. So far in this thread, you've flat out called a few of them liars, without valid reason. You've claimed they gave you the shaft, without even knowing what was going on behind the scenes.


    Perhaps my post was intended to make a point to you, that you failed to realize. Also note, I said it was starting to "sound like", I never accused you of wanting a free ride - just stating what it looks like, based on what was said. Meanwhile, you've accused Mandriva of several things, based on very little.

  10. 1. They promised to cover costs right from the beginning and told me that it was decided. If they lied to me then and the CEO said "no" later, they could have told me during the many weeks following, without any bad feelings on either side. But instead they kept telling me that everything was ok and the assistant even sent me a mail 1 day before the cancellation that they ordered the hotel for me - which obviously was a straight lie.

    Are you sure it was a lie, or are you just assuming it was a lie? Like I said, it's possible that they did intend to do it, but problems arose and it was canceled as a result. Without knowing what actually went on inside Mandriva, any conclusion drawn is mere speculation (even my own). We're all speculating and attacking Mandriva based on those speculations, which are biased.


    I still tend to think Mandriva is being ridiculed for nearly nothing here. Sometimes things simply don't work out as planned, especially given the current economic climate.


    And honestly, wobo, you seem to be a little overly focused on the fact that they were supposed to pay your way and then didn't. To me, it's starting to sound like you were looking for a free ride, and when you didn't get it, you tossed a fit and got enough attention that it became "newsworthy".


    but that's JMHO, agree with it or not, I don't care :)

  11. Interestingly, if they had made no promises to wobo about sharing/covering costs, I doubt anyone would have even noticed this. They would have simply said, "we have decided not to attend due to <whatever reason>".


    I have a feeling this was the case of people making promises and then their higher-ups not liking them. I really don't think Mandriva did anything wrong here, to be completely honest, things simply didn't work out as planned.


    Accept it and move on.


    Just a thought, not trying to offend anyone.

  12. That's a big statement to make, have you evidence to back it up that you will never ever lose your data? I don't think any filesystem can claim that.
    No file system can, though it may be able to claim that you won't lose your data due to problems with the FS itself. Data corruption/loss due to hardware failure and other issues outside the control of the FS is always possible.
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