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  1. JVC LT-23X475

    yes. it's an LCD TV that has an input for a computer monitor connection. Win2k post-install displays full-screen on it (although at 640x480). After installing the video card s/w and driver(nvidia) I can change the res to whatever. In windows, I use 1024 x 768... it's a little big, but my eyes aren't what they used to be...


    In mandriva, after shutting down and rebooting... it chooses 1280x768. I get a partial screen. I can see all the way across, but only the bottom 1/2 of the screen shows. I go into console and enter mcc and go to Display and move the res from 1280x768 to 1280x960. Then I get a complete screen after I do a "startx".

  2. I posted this same problem, in another forum here. Yep, it would be nice if mandriva has something in their software repositories if they said something in the Comments section like "you need so-and-so file from the original game CD for this to work" . Instead of people thinking, "hey Quake II, great...!"

  3. I'm new to the "windows games on linux" thing. Last night in mandriva 2008, I browsed to my win2k partition, and right-clicked on a few .exe game files... and selected "open with Wine emulator"... most did not work. I guess there is something more to do, or else I didn't try the right .exe files.

  4. One of the few reason I dual-boot with windows is so my son can play a few windows games. One of his favorites is BF 1942. He owns the Complete Collection Pack of DVDs (4 games). Anyway, I was googling this game and linux, and it looks like EA (electronic arts) may have a linux version, but I'm not sure. I go to their site and see some linux patches/demos to download. One is a 276MB tar.gz, and another is much smaller.


    is this the game, or just a patch?




    does anyone here play BF on linux?

  5. ok.. my resolution keeps resetting to where less than a half-screen shows... :wall:


    I guess I need to edit etc/X11/xorg.conf ?


    what do I change? (in mcc, I change the resolution from 1280 x 768 to 1280 x 960 and it works fine... until a reboot... then its back to 1280x768 :wall: )


    Section "Monitor"
    Identifier "monitor1"
    VendorName "Plug'n Play"
    ModelName "LT-23X475"
    HorizSync 31-58
    VertRefresh 56-71
    # Monitor preferred modeline (60.0 Hz vsync, 47.7 kHz hsync, ratio 15/9)
    ModeLine "1280x768" 80.12 1280 1344 1480 1680 768 769 772 795 -hsync -vsync
    # TV fullscreen mode or DVD fullscreen output.
    # 768x576 @ 79 Hz, 50 kHz hsync
    ModeLine "768x576"	 50.00  768  832  846 1000   576  590  595  630
    # 768x576 @ 100 Hz, 61.6 kHz hsync
    ModeLine "768x576"	 63.07  768  800  960 1024   576  578  590  616
    Section "Device"
    Identifier "device1"
    VendorName "nVidia Corporation"
    BoardName "NVIDIA GeForce FX - GeForce 8800"
    Driver "nvidia"
    Option "DPMS"
    Option "RenderAccel" "false"
    Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals"
    Section "Screen"
    Identifier "screen1"
    Device "device1"
    Monitor "monitor1"
    DefaultColorDepth 24
      Subsection "Display"
    	Depth 8
    	Modes "1280x960" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240"
    Subsection "Display"
    	Depth 15
    	Modes "1280x960" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240"
    Subsection "Display"
    	Depth 16
    	Modes "1280x960" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240"
    Subsection "Display"
    	Depth 24
    	Modes "1280x960" "1152x864" "1024x768" "832x624" "800x600" "640x480" "480x360" "320x240"

  6. just another idea, you said you have a free partition on your sata disk, that is unused as of yet, why not format it with a linux file system like reiser or ext3 (just examples) and use it as your home ?

    yes, I thought of that. but since I'm no expert on linux filesystems, I wasn't sure since I already have a 8GB /home on the IDE drive... how I use the unused SATA drive area for /home also. Or would it just be a "data" area?


    I chose the "let mandriva decide" partitioning during install. Since my IDE drive was around 80GB (minus "overhead") and win2k was using 61GB, mandriva used 7GB for / and 8GB for home and 2GB for swap (2 x 1GB RAM).


    the reason I was wanting more space for /home, I thought that if I want to experiment with running windows games (half life, etc) under wine/linux... I need to copy the entire DVDs to linux... I wasn't sure if I had to do that to /home... or just in any linux partition...


    So I can just leave the IDE as is... and format the unused SATA partition (around 40 or 50GB I think) as ext3 for linux...?



  7. thanks, aRTee.


    My 3D acceleration has worked since first install. That D2X game still just shows a blank window that refuses to be closed. I'll try the ctl-alt-esc. Since the game doesn't work, I'll probably just remove it anyway.


    The resolution resetting back to the wrong setting has not happened anymore. It has been fine the last few days. Also, the lock-screen button works correctly now, although I've only tried it once after it didn't work the first time.


    I like it so far. In fact, the new IDE drive I bought (80GB) to install win2k and mandriva 2008 on... now I wish I had initially given more to linux and less to windows... Win2k has 61GB and mandriva has the rest.


    All my data is on a separate SATA drive in the machine. I am probably going to resize the windows partition on the IDE drive from 61GB all the way down to 20GB or so. I am not using any file compression or any funny stuff on the windows partition so there should be no problem, right. All that is on the win2k partition is win2k and some programs. Nothing to worry about losing.


    Mandriva shows 61GB for windows, something like 7GB for /, and 8GB for home. Then there's 2GB or so for swap.


    My SATA drive under mandriva shows "DATA" and 118GB I think. This is all my previous win2k data - mp3s, docs, videos, etc. Then there is another partition on the SATA drive which mandriva shows as "new drive". It's a blank partition (ntfs) that doesn't have anything on it yet.


    I would like to experiment with wine and some win2k games. I believe you need to copy the entire game DVDs to linux first. I'll start another thread about that later.


    For now, where do I go to resize the windows partition... and how do I make / and home bigger?



  8. doesn't play any DVD. When I insert a commercial DVD, KDE pops up a window... "what do you want to do?". I select LinDVD, and the lindvd screen comes up and the player controls, but nothing plays.


    I went into options and selected Region 1 for USA.


    I watch DVD movies on this same machine under win2k and with windvd, which is the same company that makes lindvd (intervideo).


    Something else needs to be done?


    not sure if I have libdvdcss, but lindvd does not need that does it?


    LinDVD was one of the reasons I installed mandriva powerpack. I'm not interested in any of the "free" video players for DVDs. I'm interested in lindvd only.


    My monitor on this machine is actually a 23" LCD TV, so it's not like I'm a guy who likes to watch DVDs on his computer... I'm watching DVDs on an actual TV.



  9. If I remove packages through Software Management, is it supposed to also remove un-needed libraries that were needed for the package I am removing?


    Also, during Install, I think I clicked "KDE Desktop" for my choice. I also like gnome. I use gnome on my primary (debian) machine. Does gnome also get installed during install, or do you need to install it afterwards?

  10. The Lock the Session button now works like it is supposed to. Not sure what happened the first time I tried it... it just froze my screen the way it was and I had to do a hard reboot to get back (or go into console and do a shutdown). Anyway, now it's working like its supposed to.


    Another question: the New Updates icon in the lower right just updates what you already have installed, right? ie, it doesn't install anything you don't yet have...


    I suppose it is similar to my debian system, which also has an "Updates are available for your system" notification icon.


    What is the "Plugged in" icon telling me? (Kpowersave). I hope it's not telling my desktop is plugged in... :rolleyes:

  11. thanks lavaeolus! I guess I edited my post while you were answering my original post. You are right on the usb handling difference. I use gnome on my debian machine. I didn't know it was a gnome/kde difference with the usb handling. No problem, both ways are fine.


    regarding the D2X game that could not be killed. Yes, I clicked the X on the window. No go. I also right-clicked the DX2 in the taskbar and said Close. No go. I tried all the normal ways to close it, none worked. So you may be right with what you said about quake.


    lavaelous - I added Questions 4 and 5 after you answered. They are "worse" problems than the minor ones at first.

  12. Instead of sticking some questions onto other users 2008 threads, I'll start a new one.


    Got a new 2008 powerpack install, so far I really like it. I have not done much with it yet, but here's a few items:


    1. I tried the Software Management... nice, seems almost identical to Synaptic that I use on my debian machine. I tried selecting a few games to install, including Quake II. Some were added to the Games menu, some weren't. Also Quake II does not work...it starts then nothing ever happens. I know there is a Menu Edit feature to add stuff. What about Quake II not doing anything? Also, I installed a game called D2X-XL, and it opens a window on my desktop, but it is just a blank window, and the window (the game) can't be closed. Where is xkill, or force quit that I use to use in other distros?


    2. The task bar at the bottom is kind of congested. since I don't use multiple desktops (yet), I changed from 4 to only 2. Also, I did NOT want "Beagle" during install, but it seems I have it anyway. I don't like these cataloging/searching background things. To get rid of it do I just go into Software Management and mark it for removal?


    3. Is Cedega installed automatically, or do you have to do something to get it? Do I need it? Is wine just as good? Where's a good spot to learn about wine, since I've never tried it?


    4. I tried the Lock The Session button on the lower right of the Taskbar. It froze my desktop, and I wasn't allowed to do anything. It left the windows I already had open, open. No privacy there. My debian machine, when you click Lock desktop, it blanks out the screen and goes to the log on window for you to later Unlock. Mandriva never allowed me to do anything anymore. What is the Lock The Desktop button supposed to do? I had to do a restart just to get my desktop back.


    5. As mentioned in my Mandriva Install thread, after install I only had a partial screen. I had to go into Console and run mcc and change Display from 1280 x 768 to 1280 x 960 to get my full screen. However, every time I shutdown and then reboot, I get the partial screen again, and have to change the resolution all over again. How do I get mandriva to keep my resolution setting?


    That's it for now, I'll have more question as I try more things.

  13. since mandriva was confused with the DVD burner and the CD burner (it only was recognizing the CD drive)... I pulled the CD burner, and just left the DVD burner in the machine. All you need is one DVD burner anyway, it does everything. Mandriva still did not recognize it. I know, as others have said, it is just a simple config change, but I haven't fixed it yet.


    I changed the Distribution source to online repositories instead of the disc. Now I am up and running. Mandriva installed my printer automatically for me, which is the first time using linux a printer has worked automatically. Weird thing was Mandriva gave me a message something like "PrinterDrake could not determine what model printer is installed (Canon iP4300)". uh...hello... ? So anyway, I picked the correct printer and it installed it and it works great!!


    Thanks for all the help, and so far I love the distro (for ease of use and how things work "out of the box"). I'll start other threads under hardware or software if any problems come up.


    Thanks again!

  14. when I get home I'm going to remove the CD burner from my mandriva machine and install it in my debian machine (debian machine currently does not have and any cd or dvd drive). Then I will only have the dvd burner in the mandriva machine, so hopefully it can be used for the DVD software repository. I guess I should change the powerpack repository anyway... so I don't need the disc anymore.

  15. In my case Mandriva insisted on giving my Plextor sata-DVD-burner /mnt/cdrom and my asus ide-DVD-drive /mnt/cdrom2, ironically rpmdrake searched /mnt/cdrom for packages despite the fact that I had the system installed from my dvd-drive


    yes that's what's happening, except I only appear to have one drive listed in the system, the cd drive (mnt/cdrom). Both drives are on the same ide cable, and the drives are set master/slave by jumpers on the back (I never use the "cable select" automatic determination).


    Tonight when I get home from work I'll mess around with it again. This is just a fun project to me... I have a nicely working linux system on my main machine (debian). This machine is just a secondary "play" machine, and as mentioned before, the monitor is really a 23" LCD TV, so it really gets used as a TV rather than a computer/monitor. What I'm saying is that when stuff doesn't work, or I can't figure out how to do something... I don't really care, since I'm just learning/playing, but I still come here to ask, since this is my favorite computer board...!




    oh yeah, something else weird: ok, win2k now sees the sata drive. I am pretty sure the sata drive is 160 GB. Windows is showing a partion of 30GB, and a partition of 118GB. seems there's some missing GB :unsure:

  16. :wall:

    power cable on sata drive was only part way pushed on. Now win2k sees the drive. Also mandriva sees the drive.

    Must have happened the other day when I installed the 2nd IDE drive, and pulled out the drive cage to screw in the new IDE drive. I unplugged the sata cables then plugged them back in (well, I thought).


    When I was installing win2k and mandriva last week there was only the sata drive in the machine, and both cables connected. I know because the side of the case was off and I had checked.


    Anyway, I'm a happy camper, and aussiejohn will be happy too.


    Post-install questions:

    Another weird thing. When I booted mandriva just now (for around the 3rd time since install), now it says "printer found, do you want me to install the software?". Don't know why it waited till now to ask (the printer has been connected and "on" for a couple days). I said yes, but...


    ... as mentioned before, I did NOT copy the DVD contents to hard drive during install, so it keeps asking me for the mandriva powerpack dvd to install stuff. Then it nicely ejects my CD drive door. But it is a DVD, not a CD. I have a DVD drive also. How do I get it to change?


    I already went into Hardware in mcc, and it shows only one CD/DVD burner. My aopen drive (which is a CD burner). I also have an LG DVD burner. They are both IDE. Why isn't the dvd burner listed? And how do I change the source of Mandriva Powerpack to the dvd drive, not the cd drive?




    ps: music, sound, video all work great so far!!


    scarecrow: even the nba.com videos play on my mandriva distro! Never could see them on my debian machine.

  17. hmmm... I doubt it. I probably don't have the receipt anymore anyway. It worked fine for a few weeks while I was using it under my old win2k install.


    Under Disk Management in win2k, it shows 4 disks. 3 are not named and one is C: I am assuming that the 3 "un-named" ones are the linux partitions that mandriva created? /, swap, and /home on C.


    I'll also check inside the box to make sure sata cable is connected ok and power connector is connected ok.

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