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  1. Microsoft has created a pair of Apache-licensed open-source projects to crack open its ubiquitous Office suite. The company said the projects will let developers building non-Microsoft and non-Windows applications browse, read, and extract emails, calendar, contacts, and events information currently encased in Outlook's .pst file format. The ability to write data will be added to the SDK in the "near future", Microsoft said. More at The Register.
  2. Ever since Google announced its purchase of video codec company On2 in August 2009, there's been an expectation that On2's VP8 codec would someday be open-sourced and promoted as a new, open option for HTML5 video. An open VP8 would offer comparable quality to H.264, but without the patent and royalty encumbrances that codec suffers. Google, Mozilla, and Opera have announced the launch of the WebM Project. The goal of the project is to develop a high-quality, open-source, royalty-free video format suitable for the Web. WebM video files do indeed use VP8 for their video compression, coupled with Vorbis audio compression. The video and audio data will be combined into container files that are based on the open-source Matroska container. More at ars technica.
  3. TechSource have some high-quality Mandriva wallpapers available.
  4. The Official Mandriva Blog has news of the last development release for Mandriva 2010 Spring. Isos are available on all public mirrors. The final release is planned for 3rd of June.
  5. Oscar and Emmy award-winning editing software 'Lightworks' is going open-source. EditShare, the company behind Lightworks, see open-sourcing the editing application as a way to “…release its full potential...“’ A freely downloadable version is scheduled to be available by Q3 of this year. More at OMG! Ubuntu!
  6. Hackers penetrated the heavily-fortified servers for Apache.org in a "direct, targeted attack" that captured the passwords of anyone who used the website's bug-tracking service over a three-day span last week. The breach, the second to hit Apache.org in eight months, also exposed a much larger list of passwords belonging to people who accessed the site's bug-tracking section. While the databases used a one-way hash to disguise the passwords, two of the lists are vulnerable to dictionary attacks because Atlassian, the maker of issue-tracking software used by Apache, failed to add "random salt" to them. More at The Register.
  7. Google will take a swashbuckling step towards license-free web video playback next month when it open sources the leading video codec from a company it just acquired for $124.6 million, according to a report citing multiple people familiar with the matter. NewTeeVee reports that Mountain View will open source On2's VP8 codec at its Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco in mid-May. The publication also says that Google will roll the codec into its Chrome browser, and that Mozilla will do the same with Firefox. More at The Register.
  8. You can find the official documentation at doc.mandriva.com.
  9. Lucid Lynx, Ubuntu 10.04 that Friday entered the beta stage, looks to be taking the popular distro to an entirely new - and very consumer-oriented - level. Between Canonical's web-based syncing service Ubuntu One - unveiled last year - the coming U1 music store, and the new Me Menu, Lucid Lynx is looking less like the stoic Linux desktops of yesteryear and more like like, well, what everyday consumers want in an operating system. Full review at The Register.
  10. Welcome to the board. :) If you're really searching for 'mandrake 2010' instead of 'mandriva 2010', it's perhaps not surprising that you haven't found anything... :P
  11. highking - It's unfortunate that you have to monitor the Dutch site as well as this one, but this board doesn't get that much traffic, so you shouldn't have trouble dealing with posts when you're here: I don't think there's any need to put them all in one topic. If we get inundated, we may reconsider. :) When you're away from the board, you can use the Watch Forum facility to be notified of new postings - perhaps you're already doing that?
  12. highking - the Announcements and News sub-forum is just for those things. Members should post their problems in this sub-forum - unless they want to use one of the MCNLive forums at www.mandrivaclub.nl.
  13. Thanks for reporting back. I'll mark it solved. :)
  14. After the hedge fund Elliott Associates made known its bid for Novell, at some kind of bargain basement price of under a billion US dollars, it seems unlikely that the company will not be acquired by either the fund or some other suitor who is waiting in the wings. Free software and open source types may agonise over a sale, since one of the better known GNU/Linux distributions, SUSE Linux, is one of the main assets that Novell still possesses. Analysis at ITWire.
  15. The Mozilla Foundation is best known for Firefox, but as Foundation head Mitchell Baker recently told us, the group's mission is not merely to produce a browser that kills Internet Explorer. According to executive director Mark Surman, that mission involves efforts to make the web more open by removing the web's technological, corporate, and cultural choke points and getting more regular people to give a damn about where the internet will be in the next 100 years - not just those already working in tech. This includes something called Drumbeat, a project Surman is leading. More at The Register.
  16. This week, Microsoft rolled out the Windows browser ballot screen it agreed to during antitrust settlement talks with European regulators and competitors. Meanwhile, the Office 2010 team is offering a ballot window of its own in the Office 2010 Release Candidate. This screen lets you decide whether you want to save your documents using the Microsoft's Office Open XML (OOXML) formats or the more generally accepted XML-based Open Document Format (ODF). More at The Register.
  17. OpenOffice 3.2 - now available for Windows, Mac and Linux - boasts faster start-up times than before. But the really big news is that now - finally - this open-source suite offers full compatibility with files created using Microsoft's Office 2007. Review at The Register.
  18. The Open University has announced 'Linux - an introduction' a ten week course on the open source operating system aimed at absolute beginners. Starting in May, registration for the first ten week course closes on the 24th of April. The course will cost £185 for students in the UK. The course is available elsewhere in Europe for £450. More at The H-online.
  19. Two Firefox add-ons available for months on Mozilla's website infected users with malware that stole passwords and opened a backdoor on Windows machines, the open-source browser maker has confirmed. The add-ons, available on an experimental section of Mozilla's official add-on download site carried trojans that have been detected since 2008 by commercial anti-virus products. And yet they weren't removed until late January and earlier this week because a scanning tool used to vet add-ons during upload failed to catch the malicious files. More at The Register.
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