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Printing With CUPS

by Till Kamppeter


Modified: April 4, 2001
Author: Till Kamppeter

* Introduction


Principles of CUPS

Buying a Printer

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* Setup And Configuration

Setup And Configuration I: PrinterDrake / KUPS / WWW interface / lpadmin / Installing PostScript printers / Configuration of the CUPS daemon

Setup And Configuration II: Accessing Remote Printers: (CUPS/IPP / LPD / AppSocket / Windows)

Setup And Configuration III: Clients accessing the CUPS server: (CUPS / LPD / Windows)

Setup And Configuration IV: Default printer / Color calibration

Setup And Configuration V: Special tools: (Epson / Lexmark) / Security Level

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* Printing

Printing I: XPP / QtCUPS / Command line tools

Printing II: From Applications: (Netscape / Star Office / KDE / GIMP / GV)

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* Tips And Tricks

Tips And Tricks I: Configuration: (High Loads by CUPS / No USB visible) / Drivers: (Alternative drivers / Output is PS code / Printer not supported / Lexmark ink-jet drivers)

Tips And Tricks II: Editing PPDs / Printing: (Double-sided w/o Duplex / Text margins / gv-Troubleshooting / Acrobat Reader / Black ink empty)

Tips And Tricks III: Network: (Small networks / Printer clusters / Redundant queues / CUPS & LPD on one machine) / CUPS on Linux Mandrake 7.1

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* Resources

CUPS on the web and at home.

CUPS documentation
Printing HOWTO
CUPS on Mandrake Forum


CUPS on SourceForge

CUPS WWW interface:

Main page
Printer list

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