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Cant seem to get my tv tuner card working. Mandriva shows my device as this:



Vendor: ‎Internext Compression Inc


Description: ‎iTVC16 (CX23416) MPEG-2 Encoder


Media class: ‎Multimedia video controller



Bus: ‎PCI


PCI domain: ‎0


Bus PCI #: ‎3


PCI device #: ‎9


PCI function #: ‎0


PCI revision: ‎0x01


Vendor ID: ‎0x4444


Device ID: ‎0x0016


Sub vendor ID: ‎0x0070


Sub device ID: ‎0x8801



Module: ‎ivtv


And the card specifically is a Haupage PVR150.


Can someone walk a newbie through how to


1. Test the hardware and confirm that I have the correct firmware.

2. Configure the damned thing so it will work.


One of my primary uses for my desktop has always been media and design. I have my work craptop for everything else. If I got this all working with relative ease, I would be sold on Linux forever lol.


Thanks again


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