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Kernel config edit

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Yeah i did realise they where firmware but i get my wordings mixed


I probably should have realised you'd realised :)


I've made a couple of dvb cards work and both were annoying. IIRC, some modules the cards needed were loaded but 1 or 2 other modules always got missed so they had to be loaded by force by putting their names in /etc/modprobe.conf or /etc/modprobe.preload. Not much help but perhaps something you could look into. Maybe post the output of lsmod here?

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Are you completely sure you booted the right kernel?


I am now, ooops, silly me, i thought on reboot mandriva automagically puts new kernel at top of list, but the v4l side of it only goes as far as, from what i can make out the v4l-dvb-kernel-latest etc only patches the kernel, so it is only patching the & not the or the or


So now with the defaulted to boot i got my green light on, now just to suss out the scanning.

At least i know what's sort of going on, i might stand a fighting chance of getting this box working correctly.


Bus 002 Device 003: ID 10b8:0bb9 DiBcom DiBcom USB DVB-T reference design (MOD300) (warm)
description: Generic USB device                                                  
                  product: MOD3000 BOX                                                             
                  vendor: DiBcom SA                                                                
                  physical id: 1                                                                   
                  bus info: usb@2:1                                                                
                  version: 0.01                                                                    
                  capabilities: usb-1.00                                                           
                  configuration: driver=dvb_usb_dibusb_mb maxpower=500mA speed=12.0MB/s

I'm glad to be back at this stage & know how & why i couldn't on further reboots, basically me being a plank and nots reading what's in front of my eyes.


lsmod as requested casual is attached (sussed it in the end)


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