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KDE shows windows in different styles..? [solved]


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Hi all!


I upgraded my 2008.1 version to 2010.0.


I'm using KDE and the theme/style that I've set for buttons and checkboxes, etc. is "Oxygen".


BUT.. this style is obviously not accepted by all windows. So, for instance not by OpenOffice. The window style looks like the very old FreeBSD style, you know? The colour is very grey and the buttons very simple and rectangular. Or for example, when I click on "browse files", the window that appears has the same old style, not the Oxygen style. Or the standard buttons and dropdown boxes in firefox look different as well.


What shall I do? Does somebody knows whats wrong or how to fix this? I can upload pictures if you want.


Thank you,


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The reason for the problem was GTK. I found out that all windows that where generated by gtk where unstyled.


There is a package gtk-qt-engine that i've installed. Now I can change the option "GTK-Style" in "Appearance" to "Use my KDE options".


Thanks anyway!!



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The cleanest solution is replacing OpenOffice with Go-Openoffice, and start the latter as

$ OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=kde4 soffice

And voila, perfect desktop/dialog integration with KDE4.

You can export the above string ( OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=kde4 ) to any startup script you find convenient, so you won't have to type it all the time to Start (Go)Openoffice.


It should also help if you had a uniform theme for both KDE4 and gtk+, e.g. qtcurve.

For adjusting the gtk+ theme under KDE4, you can use a few graphical apps- I suggest "lxappearance", which is part of LXDE, but completely independent of the rest LXDE modules.

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