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BG and icons in BootMagic 8


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I am trying to customize my Mandrake icon and startup background with BootMagic 8, and am having some trouble. First off, does anyone have, or know a good place to look, for an icon that has something to do w/ mandrake or linux? The default icon for linux in BM8 is a pop can that says linux on it, really cool! :thumbs:


Also, I am having a lot of trouble trying to change the boot screen background. Powerquest says to use a 16 color 640x480 windows BMP. So I made one in photoshop, didn't work, tried re-saving in paint, didn't work... I checked the file properties, and it says that its a 640x480 4bit bitmap file. However BootMagic disagrees and wont let me set it as the load background.






EDIT: The icon must be 32x32 .ico

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